momrai lujvo

x1=traji1=moi1 is the x2=moi(-1)th (li) most extreme member of set/range x5=traji4=moi2 (set; possibly ordered) in property/ordered according to measure of property x3=traji2 \sim moi (ka) measuring from the x4 = traji3-est/utmost (ka; default: ka zmadu) member, which/who has a similar ordinality count of x6 (li) in the same set by the same ordering.

Terbri are improperly arranged in the English definition; beware. The x3-est member of the set under the relevant ordering would have momrai2 filled by x6 if it were momrai1; in other words, x6 determines at/with which number the count for x2 will start, and it will typically be 0 or 1. x6 is not predictable based on the veljvo.