moxna experimental gismu

x1 is not enough/an insufficient amount/too little/too few of x2 by standard x3.

lo toldu'e is the short-fall/shortcoming/shortage/what is absent of or from something by some standard; lo moxna is that which is present, even though it is not enough. In other words, moxna and toldu'e are complements of one another (such that they sum to lo sacni). See also: "toldu'e"; "dukse", "ranlu", "sacni"; "mo'anzu"; "mo'a".

In notes:

x1 is enough/a sufficient amount of x2 by standard x3.
x1 is an exactly sufficient/barely enough/just right amount of x2 by standard x3.
x1 is too little/insufficient in x2 (ka) to be/do x3 (ka).