mutcrai fu'ivla

x1 is so extreme in property x2 and in direction x3 that it is not actually of the same type or kind, by standard or in set of options x4.

A difference in degree which is so large that it actually is a difference in kind. Examples: (1) Infrared is so 'red' that it is not even red/visible. (2) Even though speciation happens via what is essentially a continuum, Homo erectus is so much older and ancestral to modern humans that they are not even modern humans (and maybe should be considered our uber-ancestors or something, rather than 'mere ancestors'). (3) Pathological lying is mendaciousness which is so extreme that it is not even 'lying' in the usual sense, for it may be uncontrollable etc. See: "bancu", "mutce", "traji".

In notes:

x1 is infrared (sensu lato) in color; x1's emitted/reflected light has a wavelength which is longer than that which produces the color red.