nacmecrai lujvo

x1 (number) is the least element/minimum of the set (of numbers) x2 under (partial) ordering x3

x1 must be a set. If this word is being used as a function (min), common but lazy mathematical practice allows for speaking of "the minimum of a function" (including sequences) or to constrain the minimum with respect to certain variables, but these constraints can and properly ought to be incorporated into the definition of the set of which the minimum is being taken. This word is not limited to purely mathematical usage and the set can be defined loosely (such as in "the minimum legally acceptable wage" wherein the set x2 is understood to be the set of all legally acceptable wages). The minimum x1 must belong to set x2; compare with: zmaraimecna'u (infimum). See also: nacyzmarai.

In notes:

x1 (number) is the greatest element/maximum of the set (of numbers) x2 under (partial) ordering x3
x1 (number) is the infimum of set x2 under (partial) ordering x3