ne'o'a VUhU3 experimental cmavo

mekso ternary operator: the generalized incomplete (factorial-extending) Pi function; for input (X1, X this word outputs the definite integral of t^X1 e^-t with respect to t from X2 to X3 (see notes for default values).

This is an explicit generalization of "ne'o", in case such is necessary or desirable. By default, X2 = 0 and X3 = +infty. The output of this function is offset from the factorial by 0 (making this word consistent with "ne'o") and from the Gamma function by 1.

In definition:

ne'o'au (exp!)
mekso quaternary operator: polygamma function; for input X1, X, outputs the (-X2)th derivative of Log(ne'o'a(X1, X)) with respect to X1.