nundumu fu'ivla

x1 is an event/state described by bridi x2

Predicate version of nu, which is a kind of relation between a bridi and an event/state. However with a regular predicate version it is possible to access the x2 just like any regular sumti place. See also nu, du'u.

In notes:

nu'ai (exp!)
preposition: event instantiating the current proposition.
x1 is a proposition/predication (statement with a truth value), stating that x2 is true
x1 (li'i) is the subjective conscious experience of x2 (nu or ka-of-x3), as experienced by x3
x1 (ni) is a quantity
x1 (si'o) is an idea/concept/thought about x2 (object/abstract) by thinker x3.
x1 (mass) is the object type of argument object x2, as defined by property x3 (ka)
x1 is the predicate abstraction described by text x2, and is of type x3