re'amnu fu'ivla

x1 is a man/human/humanoid/android (one sense)/person.

This word is meant specifically to conflate men with humans and to conflate both with the concept of 'person' (in any sense), in the manner which is dispreferred for "nanmu". The intention is that this word be used in translations of works which make this conflation themselves, famously including the U.S. Declaration of Independence and The Lord of the Rings (the former could choose one specific option and accompany it with a translator's footnote explaining the possible interpretations of the English word, but the latter intentionally plays with the ambiguity in a plot-essential manner and thus would lose the impact of its twist without some recourse to something like this word). In any utterance which is intended to be semantically inclusive or accurate or specific, socially acceptable and socially inclusive, technically correct/rigorous, or otherwise clear in meaning and intent, this word should not be used; in such cases, instead use "nanmu", "nakni", "remna", "prenu", vel sim. as appropriate; this word is intended to be used in very narrow contexts. See also: "re'imnu", "re'umnu", etc.

In notes:

x1 is a woman/human/humanoid/gynoid (one sense)/person.
x1 is a nonbinary human/human/humanoid/person.