ridrdverga obsolete fu'ivla

c1 is a dwarf [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2.

A mythological being that dwells in mountains and in the earth, and is associated with wisdom, smithing, mining, and crafting. Scholars dispute the size of the Norse nature spirit, the Dvergr. As Tolkien was inspired by the dwarves of Norse myths and dwarves of Germanic folklore, this word could be used to refer to the dwarfs of the fictional universe Middle-Earth (Khazad) as well, and possibly of other fantasy universes. The fu'ivla derived from Old Norse: dvergar; Old English: dweorg; Old High German: twerg.

In notes:

c1=t1=p1 is a little people [mythological being] of mythology c2 .
c1 is a hob/hobbit [mythology/fantasy] of mythology c2.