rindo experimental gismu

x1 is Native American/Indian in aspect x2

See also abniena, niengatu, nienke'a, ancinabe, tsalagi, siksika.

In notes:

x1 is/reflects/pertains to race/societal(/social) classification x2 culture/status in aspect x3, of subtype/particular subcategory/group/tribe x4, by definition/standard/societal classification system x5
x1 is the Quebecois French language/dialect used by x2.
x1, in aspect x2, reflects the culture/lifestyle/people of a non-native (immigrant/invading/alien) population/culture x3 which at least partially but significantly and somewhat permanently (having established itself) locally supplanted, displaced, or dominated the indigenous/native culture x4 in region x5 (location)
x1 is Acadian in aspect x2.
x1 is Quebecois(e) in aspect x2.