se'oi'oi SEhOIhOI experimental cmavo

Conversion: Switch n and x1 in MOI (or MOI*) cmavo so that the submitted value (previous x1) outputs the number(s) (previous n) associated with it.

Must be immediately followed by MOI(*) vel sim. Output is a multiset, being the pre-image of the submitted value (previous x1) under the MOI cmavo, when all other sumti are submitted to the MOI cmavo as before; the set will normally be a singleton or the empty set; the fact that the output is a multiset does mean that a particular element must be drawn from it if the whole multiset, as a single entity, is not to be treated. SE conversion could theoretically be used on the MOI first, but .krtis. is not sure what the utility of that would be. See "moi", "se".