sekai ma BAI* cmavo-compound

sumti question asking for a characteristic property/quality; which?.

In definition:

mau'a (exp!)
shortening of {lo du'u ma kau *bridi*}, with {ce'u} bound to {ma kau}

In notes:

du'ukau (comp!)
bridi abstractor: x1 is the answer to the question x2
x1 is the identity of x2
x1 is the identity function/equality relation
c1=p3 asks/puts question c2=p1 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) of/to c3=p4 via expressive medium c4 about subject p2.
s1=k1 is an inherent/inalienable room of excretion.
do'au (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity may be chosen by the listener
do'u'o (exp!)
question word: which utterance?
ja'u (exp!)
na'e fancuka modal: no matter (indirect question)...
mai'e (exp!)
"True, but not the answer that I expected/desired"
mo'oi (exp!)
interrogative gadri: "which"
nau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity is unknown to the speaker
pau'ai (exp!)
rhetorical construct marker - genuine/serious/literal assertion/question/command marker
sau'e'u (exp!)
topicalizer (sumtcita/discursive; somewhat meta): the following discourse is about/relates to/has topic/concerns
sau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity the speaker is assuming the listener to know
discursive: marks question construct as allowing filling it with answers that are non-referential constructs only
ve'ei (exp!)
Vocative: from station - to station
zei'au (exp!)
time tense interval: for some length of time.
zu'i'a (exp!)
typically what?
x1 (text, entity) is a palindrome in retaining x2 (by default x1) via rules x3 (property of x1)
x1 (quoted text) is a fragment/incomplete statement/question/utterance/proposition/text with intended meaning x2 in the context/under conditions x3 (default: the currently relevant context)
x1 is the relationship between x2, x3, x4, ...
x1 is curious / wonders which thing(s) satisfy x2 (ka).