selsumji lujvo

x1 is the difference x2 minus x3; x1 is the amount that remains in substracting x3 from x2.

See also vu'u

In notes:

x1=m4 is the excess amount by which x2=m1 exceeds x3=m2 in property/quantity x4=m3 (ka/ni).
x1=m4 is the amount by which x2=m1 is less than x3=m2 in property/quantity x4=m3 (ka/ni).
x1 (amount/value (li/ni) or labelled entity) is the (mutual) difference between/change in (states/realizations of/output from) general and relevant idea/object or subject of interest or function/aspect/property/topic/dependent parameter/dependent variable x2 under or due to a change in (independent) parameter/variable/index/identification/ownership/property/aspect x3 (generic name) to (later) specific state/realization/value/person/entity/meaning x4 (type and dimensions match those of x3) from (earlier) specific state/realization/value/person/entity/meaning x5 (type and dimensions match that of x3), under circumstances/conditions/with(in) scope/with caveats x6.
x1 is the subtraction-difference of x2 and x3 (and x4 etc.); x1 = x2 - x [ - x4 etc.]