selterselcple'ijdy'utka lujvo

x1 gives/pays x2 to someone who gives pays (some portion of) x2 or the equivalent thereof (possibly united with other things) to someone who gives/pays ... to someone who gives/pays (some portion of) their relevant gift/payment or the equivalent thereof (possibly united with other things/payment) to x3 through intermediate steps x4 (ce'o).

This word is a brapagjvo. "Give/pay" and "gift/payment" is in the sense of "cple'ijdu". See also: ".utka", "setese". This models the transmission chain of payment in economics (give a worker money, which they use in order to purchase something from someone, who in turn purchases something from someone else, etc.), 'pay it forward' chains in Starbucks lines, regifting or exchange process in multi-step/competitive gift exchanges, etc.