si'oi SIhOI experimental cmavo

erases a SI, SA or SU cmavo; is to "redo" as SI/SA/SU is to "undo".

"ti broda si si'oi brode" = "ti broda brode". Used when a speaker decides to erase a word, phrase, or sentence, but then decides that on second thought they want to retain it. More useful with SA or SU than SI, but could also be used with SI when it has erased a particularly long word. Necessarily, a parser must carry out SIhOI erasure before SI, SA and SU erasure. More meta levels of SI are not needed, since SI and SIhOI can just alternate. "ti broda si si'oi si brode" = "ti brode". See also: si, sa, su, si'au'i.