snuti -nut- gismu

x1 (event/state) is an accident/unintentional on the part of x2; x1 is an accident.

See also zukte, cunso.

In notes:

x1 is random/fortuitous/unpredictable under conditions x2, with probability distribution x3.
x1 is a volitional entity employing means/taking action x2 for purpose/goal x3/to end x3.
x1 (agent)'s action results in the unintended result x2
x1 (agent)'s action results in the unintended result x2
x1 coincides with x2 according to x3.
kai'i (exp!)
Property relativizing determiner / unary quantifier constructor. {kai'i} introduces a predicate whose first argument slot becomes filled by the property made by taking the bridi in which this {kai'i} appears and putting {ce'u} into the argument slot in which this {kai'i} argument was located. Put formally, "kai'i brodi cu brodu" = "lo ka ce'u brodu cu brodi". Additionally, a {kai'i} term has a rightward logical scope, like quantifiers and adverbials.
x1 (agent) does x2 (property) unintentionally