socnrpanrnji'akobi fu'ivla

x1 is a binary operator in structure x2 which exhibits the Jacobi property with respect to binary operator x3 (which also endows x2) and element/object x4 (which is an element of the underlying set which form x2).

This word uses a classifier which involves experimental gismu "socni" as a veljvo. Let x1 be denoted by "f", x2 be denoted by "X", x3 be denoted by "+", and x4 be denoted by "e". Then f exhibits the Jacobi property iff, for any x, y, z in X, the following is true: f(x, f(y, z)) + f(z, f(x, y)) + f(y, f(z, x)) = e. Notice that f may not be commutative; it may be necessary to further specify that e is the identity element in X for operstor '+', assuming that such is appropriate.