steci -tec-te'i- gismu

x1 (ka) is specific/particular/specialized/[special]/a defining property of x2 among x3 (set).

[x2 are members/individuals of a subset of x3; object whose association is specific/defining of a subset or individuals (= tecra'a, also cf. cmavo list po'e, [x2 is also special to x1]); also: especially/strongly/specifically associated]; (x3 is completely specified set)]; See also srana, se ponse, ckini, tcila, tutra.

In notes:

x1 is related to/associated with/akin to x2 by relationship x3.
x1 possesses/owns/has x2 under law/custom x3; x1 is owner/proprietor of x2 under x3.
x1 pertains to/is germane/relevant to/concerns/is related/associated with/is about x2.
x1 is a detail/feature/particular of x2.
x1 is territory/domain/space of/belonging to/controlled by x2.
xe'enai (comp!)
digit/number: specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that there are particular referents that fulfill the predicate
x1 is in heat/estrus/musth; x1 is horny/randy.
x1 is an exception/the only one without property x2 among x3
x1 is/are the only one(s) with property x2 among x3.
c2 is a hobbyist/collector/etc. of c1=s1.
v1 is a term/jargon (from a specialised area of knowledge) meaning v2=s2 in language v3.
nai'i (exp!)
nafselte'i modal: except...
te'i'o (exp!)
discursive: specified by the speaker - unspecified by the speaker
xe'e (exp!)
digit/number: any/non-specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that it is not important what the specific members of the referential set are
x1 are all the things that have property x2; x1 are the only things that have property x2