stodraunju fu'ivla

x1 is a function mapping x2 (domain) to x3 (codomain) such that properties x4 (ka) of x2 are preserved in its image under x1 according to the rules/operations/relations of x3 corresponding to those of x2 by x1.

x1 is a ___-preserving function. Examples: Conformal mapping (angle-preserving locally), homogeneous function (roughly scale-preserving), homomorphism (facni), distinction-preserving function (ficystodraunju).

In notes:

x1 is an injective function (distinctness-preserving function) from x2 (domain) to x3 (codomain).
x1 is an n-ary operator/map which is distributive/linear/homomorphic in or over or from space/structure x2, mapping to space or structure x3, thereby producing a new space/structure x4 which is the 'union' of x2 and x3 endowed with x1; x1 distributes over/through all of the operators of x2.