tcaxe experimental gismu

x1 (object) has charge x2 (number) in units x3 for interaction/of type x4 and in/by/using convention x5

Generic type of charge; individual charges tend to be scalars. For electromagnetism, the meaning of a "positive charge" is either the signum of the charge of an electron for electricity or the signum of the charge of a south magnet for magnetism. Includes mass (gravitation charge (gavytcaxe) if it is being treated as such; x2 default: ma'u), electric charge (dicmytcaxe), (strong) isospin, weak isospin, color charge (Quantum Chromodynamics; tsabytcaxe), intrinsic spin/Dirac-Pauli charge, most quantum numbers (lepton number, baryon number), etc. See also: majga, dikca, eldicka'u, kuardicka'u, paulcna, plankexu, grake.

In notes:

x1 is magnetism (charge; possibly current) in/on x2 of polarity/quantity x3 (default: south)
x1 is magnetism/magnetization (or magnetic charge or magnetic current; or part of a magnetic dipole) in/on/of/produced by x2 (monopole or a dipole, taken in whole or just as a single side/part/pole thereof) of polarity/quantity x3 (default: positive, which indicates magnetic-south in English)