treicytunba lujvo

x1 is of the same rank/generation in hierarchical structure x2 by standard/partial ordering/relationships x3.

Co-workers of approximately equal rank or position (or who share a common jatny'utka via the effectively-same number of intermediate steps), members of the military of the same or analogous rank, actual familial siblings, etc. are included; specification of whether seniority in a given position matters can be made via x3. Not all pairs of subjects can be compared under a given relation, because their hierarchical graphs may be disconnected or there is no clear means by which to map one rank to another. See:"treicu".

In definition:

rirny'utka zei treicytunba
x1 is analogous to a sibling in a rank/seniority for/of a rirny'utka of x2 by standard/in hierarchy/via partial ordering or relation(ship) x3 (this is the connection between the rirny'utka at hand and x1 which justifies the treicytunba label), where x2 and the said rirny'utka are connected via intermediate steps x4 (ce'o).