trendelenburge fu'ivla

x1 (humanoid body) is in (reverse) Trendelenburg position with the feet higher than the head by x2 (angle measurement, measured relative to the horizontal; units must be specified).

x2 is normally assumed to be in the branch cut ranging from -π radians (exclusive) to positive π radians (inclusive); a positive x2 mantissa (for the units) in this range implies that the feet of x1 are higher than the head thereof, meaning that this word refers to the proper Trendelenburg position; a negative x2 mantissa in the aforementioned interval produces the reverse Trendelenburg position; x2 must be given as a measurement (use radno, etc. with "be" in order to access the mantissa) but the pure numbers no, ma'u, and ni'u may be used, in which case they are restricted to the normally assumed range.