utc cmevla

name: UTC, Universal Coordinated Time (time standard)

Variants: ubutycys, ubutycy (may or may not be prefixed with li'ai); u'y and uy are also sometimes seen in place of ubu. See detri, tcika, detcacryvu'u

On gloss:

jvisrbipmo in sense "(Temps Universel Coordonné; Coordinated Universal Time) Bureau international des poids et mesures;"
x1 is the BIPM (French: Bureau international des poids et mesures; English: International Bureau of Weights and Measures) designation/result/standard/code for topic x2 applied to specific case/individual/group/entity/idea/thing x3 according to rule/BIPM specification x4 published by/according to mandating organization x5 (default: BIPM)

In definition:

ubutycys zei cacra
c1 is c2 hours in duration (default is 1 hour) by the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time standard.

In notes:

x1 (number) is the number of hours (pi'e for minutes) that the timezone of location x2 is ahead (before, if x1 is negative) of location/standard x3
x1 (number) is the hour/hour notation of the day, of event/state x2, in system x3.
x1 (number) is the second/second notation of the minute, of event/state x2, in system x3.
x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3.
at a point on time axis