vedli experimental gismu

x1 remembers experience x2 (li'i)

x1 lifri x2 is implied. See also morji, lifri. Proposed short rafsi -ve'i-.

In notes:

x1 remembers experience x2 (li'i)
x1 forgets experience x2 (li'i)
x1 is familiar to the memories of x2 in feature x3 (ka) and by standard x4; x2 knows/is familiar with/has lived memory of x2.
moi'i (exp!)
evidential: I remember - I don't remember (fact ; that/whether something is true)
vei'i (exp!)
evidential: I remember (experiencing) - I deny remembering
x1 (li'i) is the subjective conscious experience of x2 (nu or ka-of-x3), as experienced by x3
x1 is a reader/'ghost' to (experiencing or watching, but not being able to influence or interact with/in) events x2, able to experience/access world-internal/event-internal information x3 in addition to any external stimuli which they can directly perceive from the event itself (if they can perceive it), bringing with them their own event-external thoughts/memories/experience/habits which include x4, accessing this experience/event via means x5.
x1 is remembered by someone/something which remembers ... which remembers someone/something which is remembered by x2 via intermediate nodes/steps x3 (ce'o; ordered list).