vo'a KOhA4 cmavo

pro-sumti: repeats 1st place of main bridi of this sentence.

Proposed/experimental rafsi: -vob- (cf. vobmipri)

On affix form:

x1 is a voice/speech sound of individual x2.

In definition:

poi'o'a (exp!)
restrictive first place adverbial: converts selbri to bridi adverbial term. The outer bridi is claimed to occur together with the event of the first place of that bridi satisfying the converted selbri. {broda poi'o'a brode} means {broda fau lo nu vo'a brode}.
voi'a (exp!)
pronoun analogical to the vo'a series for the fai-place.

In notes:

vau'a (exp!)
pro-sumti: repeats the most recent 1st argument slot (fa-slot).
x1 (text, entity) is a palindrome in retaining x2 (by default x1) via rules x3 (property of x1)
x1 (group of entity) compete with each other in competition x2 (property of each member of x1) where each member of x1 has goal x3 (property of member of x1) that is the same for all members of x1