xau'e XAUhE experimental cmavo

symbol string to number/variable

The following string of PA, BY, and other SYM words are understood to refer to a single number or variable. This word is terminated with the first non-SYM word uttered after it. The SYM words within its scope lose/are divorced from all other meanings, even their definitions; every occurrence of a given sequence in the text (until it is unassigned via xau'ei) will refer to the same number when preceded by this word. The number may be treated formally or otherwise and may be evaluated or otherwise. The use of the word "number" here is extremely broad. The only limitations/restrictions/conditions on a number defined by this word are those imposed upon it by context or those explicitly specified by the utterer. Useful for ROI, MOI, and quantification (next to gadri). Can also occur in mekso, but would mean essentially the same thing as if the string were not preceded by this word- excepting the fact that if the string is already assigned a meaning, when it is preceded immediately by this word, it may assume an alternative meaning. It produces a number or digit which couples immediately with nearby PA, VUhU, or other mekso words before anything else happens; thus, "xau'e xy su'i pa" is interpreted and evaluated first to mean x+1, this is then treated as a single number (evaluated PA) and is used according to the grammar (such as being a quantifier, for example). See also: xau'o, xau'oi.

In notes:

text to number/variable unassignment
text to number/variable