xau'o XAUhO experimental cmavo

text to number/variable

Terminated by xau'oi. Any text enclosed by these words is treated as a foreign text, delimited as for zoi and la'o (that is: by arbitrary valid sound strings that do not occur in the foreign text; I recommend ones that represent the language of origin of the text or a description of what the text is, such as cmene/fangycme), and is treated formally. The text then is assigned to refer to a single specific number or variable in a manner exactly the same as with xau'e. The meaning is unassigned via xau'ei. This is good for quoting names and treating them as numbers in mekso, quantifiers, or MOI expressions; the number to which the text refers can be inferred from context or can be explicitly defined. The word "number" here is extremely broad; the only limitations/restrictions/conditions on the number are those which context demands and those which the utterer explicitly specifies. The quoted text can be used in mekso expressions as a number or digit, just as any PA would be.

In notes:

symbol string to number/variable
xau'ei (exp!)
text to number/variable unassignment