xy BY2 cmavo

letteral for x.

In notes:

x1 (mass) is a family with members including x2 bonded/tied/joined according to standard x3.
x1 is the similarity relation between all members of set x2 (set of quoted words) such that they all mean esentially one common thing x3 and are considered to be identical in any meaningful way in language x4.
default value (re)specification/(re)assignment/(re)definition/over-write; set new default value (terbri-specific; permanent)
fi'ai (exp!)
marks end of prenex in stack-based dialect
jo'au (exp!)
change version/dialect of parser
ka'o'ei (exp!)
imaginary i, comma - spherical coordinates: first coordinate gives magnitude (complex modulus/radius) of the number, the second number gives the angle from the positive real axis measured counterclockwise toward the 'positive' imaginary axis (default: in the primary branch/Arg) as measured in some units (which that number should contain; the contextless default will suppose radians); the angle is not normalized.
mekso operator: finite result set derived from/on set A with/due to operator/function B under ordering of application C
symbol string to number/variable
x1 (plural of ordered pairs) is an exhaustive set (possibly infinite) of inputs/outputs defining a unary function which yields result x3 when given input x2; x1(x2) = x3
x1 (energy) is X-ray radiation, radiating at x2, from source x3
x1 is the Double Crown of Ancient Egypt
x1 is a file consisting of information x2 with attributes/type/size x3.
x1 is a voiceless velar fricative sound produced by x2.
letteral for "h" character
xy zei dirce
d1 radiates X-rays d2 under conditions d3.