zi'oi'oi ZIhOI experimental cmavo

Delete subsequent sumti slots.

Behaves exactly like "zi'oi" except that the sumti slots which are filled and deleted in the manner of "zi'o" are exactly those ones which (otherwise) belong to the tagged word and which strictly follow the natural-last sumti slot (after SE conversion and FA evaluation) which has been explicitly filled (including by "zo'e"); all prior sumti slots in the structure of the tagged word (after SE conversion) remain and, definitionally, either are explicitly filled or are implicitly "zo'e"-filled. Use FA + "zo'e" if you wish to access a much later sumti slot without filling all intermediate/intervening sumti slots explicitly. "by klama zi'oi'oi fi cy" and "klama zi'oi'oi zo'e cy fa by" are semantically equivalent, both meaning "B comes/goes (klama) from C (to somewhere unspecified), with the klama4 route and the klama5 means both being deleted"; notice how bothbthe semantic equivalence between the two example phrases and their individual meanings are lost/altered if "zi'oi'oi" were replaced by "zi'oi".

In notes:

fills and deletes (in the manner as "{zi'o}") all terbri sumti slots of immediately previous (id est: tagged) word that are not explicitly filled with a sumti.