zirli experimental gismu

x1 pertains to/relates to/happens in real-life (IRL) in aspect x2; x1 is (in one sense each, possibly philosophically) not virtual/not via the Internet/not cyber/not simulated/outside of the Matrix/not fantasy/real/realistic

Commonality is not implied but there might be a tone of practicality (rather than being a flight of fantasy)- for this sense, see: rirli; the more important aspect of this word, though, is that it involves person-to-person, non-mediated physical/local interaction. It is up to the user to determine whether snailmail (or phone conversation) constitutes zirli or whether it is really just an analog of (and essentially the same as) primitive cyber interaction, but slowed down; distance and the frequency of person-to-person interaction up to that point probably are important in this case and should be contrasted with the other forms of interaction. Likewise, it is up to the user to determine whether or not a sufficiently convincing virtual/simulated reality experience/interaction constitutes zirli. See also: kibro (which is, in one sense, a subset of its antonym).

In notes:

x1 is realistic/sane (colloquial sense)/pragmatic/practical/typical/frequent/fairly probable/deemed to be likely to actually happen in real-life (as opposed to in a flight of fantasy or being merely possible but unlikely/abnormal) according to judge x2 and under external conditions/rules for judgment/considerations x3