zo'u ZOhU cmavo

marks end of logical prenex quantifiers/topic identification and start of sentence bridi.

In definition:

zoi'u (exp!)
tags a topic or prenex; scopes over the entire bridi (unless there is already a {zo'u} clause).

In notes:

x1 is a prenex of bridi/predicate relationship x2 with relation x3 among arguments x4.
bu'ai (exp!)
abstractor: abstractor to create logically quantified selbri variable to be used in predicate logic of third or higher order.
ce'ai (exp!)
lambda variable prenex; marks the end of introduction of lambda-scope variables.
ge'ai (exp!)
metasyntactic variable prenex
ja'u (exp!)
na'e fancuka modal: no matter (indirect question)...
ke'au (exp!)
relative clause prenex: assigns a variable to the object of the relative clause
mekso operator: finite result set derived from/on set A with/due to operator/function B under ordering of application C
na'ei (exp!)
Contradictory negation of a predicate
start logical, topical, or termset postnex
Define x1 to be a named dummy symbol (having a name heretofore unassigned) such that, if it were to exist, it would satisfy condition/have property x2 (condition/ka); let x1 be such that it satisfies/is described by x2.
x1 is involved in predicate x2; the latter being true of some argument structure syntactically entails something about the former.