zvijonse lujvo

x1 "hacks" into (accesses using an emergent exploit) x2 for purpose x3

See zviki, jonse. Neutral in connotation; "hats" are described by vudzvijonse, pacyzvijonse, and norvudzvijonse, "unlawfully access" is 2 (connotation of unlawfulness / violation)">zerjonse.

In notes:

x1 illegally accesses x2 for purpose x3, illegal according to x4 // x1 "hacks into" x2 (connotation of unlawfulness / violation)
x1 (agent) creates 'hack' x2 (nu/zu'o/si'o) for system/tool x3 from inspiration x4; x2 is an emergent use/purpose for x3, unexpected by the original creators or users