On type:

a'au (exp!)
attitudinal: moved deeply - unimpressive
ai'ei (exp!)
forced intent
ai'i (exp!)
attitudinal: determination - lack of determination - resignation
ai'y (exp!)
letteral for i when ending a diphthong (ai, ei, oi), sometimes written as ị
a'oi (exp!)
vocative: slightly piratical greetings
au'a (exp!)
attitudinal: 🥺
au'e (exp!)
obedience - rebellion
au'i (exp!)
attitudinal: happy for other's gain – neutral about other's gain – jealous
au'o (exp!)
combination of "a'o" (hope) with "au" (desire): hopeful wish.
a'u'u (exp!)
attitudinal: peek-a-boo!
au'u (exp!)
attitudinal: cute (attractive in an innocent way) - lack of cuteness - repulsively uncute
au'y (exp!)
letteral for u when ending a diphthong (au), sometimes written as ụ
a'y (exp!)
letteral for a.
ba'ai (exp!)
discursive suffix: attaches to number. "I expect with probability..."
ba'au (exp!)
tense: refers to future of current space/time reference absolutely
forethought emphasis indicator; indicates next WORD only, even if that word is a construct-indicating cmavo
bai'ei (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: successor/augment/increment (by one), succ(a) = a++ = a+1
bai'i (exp!)
mekso string operator (ternary): find-and-replace; in string/text/word/sequence X1 formally replace X2 (ordered tuple of terms to be replaced) with X3 (ordered tuple of terms to be respectively substituted)
bai'i'i (exp!)
mekso operator: in ordered tuple/list/vector/sequence X1, replace the X2th entry with term X3 of appropriate type, and leave all other entries untouched (optional: where the index for the very first/leading/header entry is X4).
ba'i'o (exp!)
Converts letterals, cmevla, or other sumti into ISO language.
ba'oi (exp!)
Converts PA into tense; in [number (usually nonspecific)] possible futures where [sumti (du'u)] is true
bau'u (exp!)
preposition: outside of ...
be'ei (exp!)
benre modal, 1st place for beneficiary...
be'ei'oi (exp!)
ternary mekso operator: x1th Bergelson multiplicative interval with exponents bounded from above by function x2 and with sequence of shifts x3, where exponents belong to set x4
quotes a non-Lojban letter
quotes non-Lojban letters (delimited)
Multiple sumti link; open-ended sumti-linking.
Tag linkarge 2
bei'u'i (exp!)
unary mekso operator: nth Bernoulli number Bn of the second kind (B1 = +1/2 = >0).
Tag linkarge
bi'a (exp!)
emphasis indicator; indicates the previous word is especially emphasized
bi'ai (exp!)
Sumtcita indicating that the bridi must be true under the conditions indicated by the tagged sumti.
bi'au (exp!)
attitudinal: bzz, bee/other insect sound
bi'ei (exp!)
number/digit: 2(2×5/3) = 8×(2(1/3)).
bi'oi (exp!)
non-logical interval connective: ordered interval with specified endpoint/terminus x1 and signed measure/length/duration x2; interval between x1 and x1 + x according to the ordering of the space.
bi'oi'au (exp!)
digit/number: interval/range indicator for significant digits (determined by lesser endpoint).
bo'a (exp!)
pro-sumti: definitional terbri variable 1; x1
bo'ai (exp!)
convert number into pro-sumti: definitional terbri variable with associated number; xn
bo'a'oi (exp!)
non-logical connective: in superposition with
bo'e (exp!)
pro-sumti: definitional terbri variable 2; x2
bo'ei (exp!)
single Lojban-word name quote, turns to selbri-unit: "x1 is that which has this name"
bo'i (exp!)
pro-sumti: definitional terbri variable 3; x3
boi'ai (exp!)
unary mekso operator: immediately convert number into a single digit.
boi'au (exp!)
immediately convert symbolic string to number (explicit)
boi'e'u (exp!)
mekso operator/function terminator (in Polish notation): inserts exactly enough "{boi}"'s consecutively so as to terminate the most recently uttered operator/function in a mekso expression
preserve formal interpretation of mekso subexpression with no substitutions made
explicit "mu'o'u"-orientation marker
bo'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: definitional terbri variable 4; x4
bo'oi (exp!)
attitudinal: silliness - maturity
bo'u (exp!)
pro-sumti: definitional terbri variable 5; x5
bu'a'a (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: used to express a fit of overwhelming or uncontrollable laughter; the stereotypical 'evil laugh'
bu'ai (exp!)
abstractor: abstractor to create logically quantified selbri variable to be used in predicate logic of third or higher order.
bu'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified/vague letteral/symbol
bu'oi (exp!)
Interjection: Boo!
by'ai (exp!)
digit/number: eighteen (decimal 18).
ca'au (exp!)
Refers to what is usually assumed to be the argument of tense tags when no explicit argument is given
ca'e'ei (exp!)
Evidential: "because I say so"/"because I assert it to be true"/"it is known".
ca'ei (exp!)
shorthand for {ca lo nu}; during the event-of
ca'ei'a (exp!)
Unary mekso operator: unit vector/normalization of the argument (vector) X.
cai'e (exp!)
strong scalar intensifier: extremely...
ca'o'a (exp!)
Contraction of ca'o co'a. Expresses that the event is progressively beginning.
ca'o'e (exp!)
mekso 4-nary operator: spherical harmonics on colatitudinal/polar angle a and azimuthal/longitudinal angle b of unassociated order c and associated order d.
ca'oi (exp!)
binary operator: complex number from argument and phase, (r, \phi) \mapsto r ei \phi
cau'a (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified truth value; "maybe, maybe not"
begin lines of serial dialogue
cau'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified scalar modifier: "maybe, maybe not", modifies next selbri-unit or tag
cau'i (exp!)
modifier / discursive: elliptical affirmative; "maybe, maybe not"
Terminate "ca'u'e" construct.
cau'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/vague/indecisive scalar affirmer/negator; true neutral/non-committed/uninvolved scalar truthfulness/assertion.
ce'ai (exp!)
lambda variable prenex; marks the end of introduction of lambda-scope variables.
ce'au (exp!)
Formulates periodic ordered list of exactly the connectands in the order presented.
BIhI argument modifier: indicates dimensionality/length of tuple
cei'a (exp!)
x1 is the year / era of years indicated by PA (digit string) in calendar system x2
cei'e (exp!)
define following selbri with sentence or tu'e...tu'u clause
cei'i (exp!)
pro-bridi: the universal predicate
cei'u (exp!)
extracts an element from a set, category, class, group, collection, organization, system, etc.
ce'oi (exp!)
argument list separator: acts as a comma between arguments in an argument list supplied to a function.
ci'a (exp!)
metadata tag / hashtag
ci'ai (exp!)
discursive: marks an utterance as using something that is experimental/not official, especially experimental grammar
ci'ai'u (exp!)
Mekso unary or binary operator: n-set or integer interval; in unary form, it maps a nonnegative integer X1 = n to the set \1, \dots , n\ (fully, officially, and precisely: the intersection of (a) the set of exactly all positive integers with (b) the closed ordered interval [1, n] such that n \geq 1; see notes for other n); in binary form, it maps ordered inputs (X1, X= (m, n) to the intersection of (a) the set of exactly all integers with (b) the closed ordered interval [m, n].
attitudinal-indicator-to-selbri conversion: x1 feels the indicated emotion toward/about x2.
ci'au'i (exp!)
mekso at-most-4-ary operator: integer lattice ball; the set of all points belonging to the intersection of Zn with the closure of the ball that is centered on X1 and has radius X2 in metric X3, where Z is the set of all integers and where, for any set A and non-negative integer n, An is the set of all n-tuples such that each coordinate/entry/term belongs to A, and where the dimensionality n = X4..
elidable terminator: end conversion of attitudinal indicator to selbri; elidable except before further attitudinals.
ci'au'u'au'i (exp!)
attitudinal: pride about having just invented a new attitudinal - shame about having just invented a new attitudinal
ci'e'u (exp!)
quotes an emoji name surrounded by pauses; can be non-Lojban
ci'i'e (exp!)
transfnite cardinal beth
ci'i'o (exp!)
transfinite ordinal little-omega; if followed by a number, it denotes the ordinal which is little-omega subscripted therewith in English notation
ci'i'oi (exp!)
transfinite ordinal little-epsilon; if followed by a number, in English notation, the following number would be denoted by a subscript
ci'o'au (exp!)
mekso operator (binary): projection function; the Bth term/entry ("element") of tuple A
ci'oi (exp!)
Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into psychomime.
co'a'a (exp!)
superfective inchoative; starting too late
placed after a tanru with CO, following sumti return to the place structure of the left tanru unit.
co'ai'e (exp!)
Non-committal/agnostic/unassertive/abstaining/neutral tanru inversion.
co'au'a (exp!)
interval event contour: at the restarting/renewal point of...
co'au'e (exp!)
trivial selbri inversion: does not invert tanru (seltau first/left, tertau second/right).
Elliptical elliptical. Beware, its grammar is also elliptical.
coi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA hours in duration by standard x2.
coi'o'e (exp!)
asks the listener to provide a word matching the preceding description being the seltau
co'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/vague/unspecific/generic tanru inversion
co'oi (exp!)
Combination of {coi} and {co'o}, indicating either greetings or partings according to context; may also constitute a greeting in passing (such as {coico'o}).
co'u'a (exp!)
interval event contour: premature cessation; done although not finished; at the ending point of ... even though not completed.
tanru inversion question: asks for a CO cmavo.
cu'ai (exp!)
binary mathematical operator: vector norm/magnitude of vector a in structure (normed vector space) b.
universal famyma'o: terminates the most recently opened construct or clause.
cu'au'ei (exp!)
mekso binary/unary operator: multinomial coefficient/binomial coefficient/choose
cu'ei (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker; used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'a (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to ko'a; used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'ai (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to first person (mi); used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'e (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to ko'e; used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'ei (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to general third person (zo'e); used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'i (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to ko'i; used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'o (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to ko'o; used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'oi (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to second person (do); used generally in quotations.
cu'ei'u (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to ko'u; used generally in quotations.
cu'i'a (exp!)
attitudinal: intentionally - unintentionally - against intention.
cu'oi'e (exp!)
convert number to statistical odds selbri; event x1 (nu) has statistical odds (n) of occurring (versus not occuring) under conditions x2.
cu'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u'u (exp!)
discursive: verbosely – succinctly.
da'a'au (exp!)
mekso operatory: prime mark append
da'ai (exp!)
other than me
da'ai'a (exp!)
"da'avni" modal: except under condition ...; unless ...; excepting/exempting (condition) ... .
da'au (exp!)
pro-sumti: forgetful something/memory-less da
da'ei (exp!)
attitudinal cause attribution
dai'a (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: marks preceding attitudinal as empathetic with an anticipated attitude; encourages another's feelings.
dai'i (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: supposed emotion - factual emotion
dai'o (exp!)
discursive & gafyzmico: reset/restore all defaults (permanently) to discourse-exterior specification; cancel all following discourse-interior default assignments
da'oi (exp!)
attitudinal attribution
dau'a (exp!)
gafyzmico: Reset all default specifications of immediately previous word to official definition specifications hereinafter (permanently)
dau'e (exp!)
Numeral: Some but not all.
dau'i (exp!)
attitudinal: equal intensity attitudinal relativizer
Quantifier modifier: endowment of existential import - repeal of existential import/abstention from claiming existence - assertion of non-existence
dau'u (exp!)
variable identifier article: refer to the referents of the variable having the following predicate as its name; such a variable may be implicitly bound by {PA broda} or {LE broda} phrases; if no such variable has been previously bound, the referents are left to the context to determine; the referents are not claimed to actually satisfy the predicate after which the variable is named.
de'a'ai (exp!)
vocative: pausing conversation
default value (re)specification/(re)assignment/(re)definition/over-write; set new default value (terbri-specific; permanent)
de'au (exp!)
gafyzmico: Cancellation (permanent) of all defaults in immediately previous word
de'au'u (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: positive super-logarithm; the super-logarithm (inverse operator of hyper-operator with respect to "height" of power tower) of a with base b and of order c-2.
de'ei (exp!)
on (n)-th day from a given point (by default from today)
de'i'a (exp!)
in the Nth century.
dei'a (exp!)
tense interval modifier: decreasingly...; decrementative. Tagged sumti, if present, indicates amount of decrease (lo te jdika)
dei'au'o (exp!)
mekso binary operator: Lambert product-log W function; W(a, b)
de'i'e (exp!)
in the year N.
dei'e (exp!)
pro-sumti: the next word
dei'ei (exp!)
pro-sumti: this entire document/text
de'i'i (exp!)
in the Nth month.
dei'i (exp!)
non-logical connective: set difference of x1 and x2: x1dei'ix=x1\setminusx=\x\inx1:x\notinx
dei'i'u (exp!)
Attaches date and time starting with years and ending in seconds.
de'i'o (exp!)
on the Nth day of the month.
dei'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: this word
de'i'u (exp!)
on the Nth day of the week.
dei'u (exp!)
pro-sumti: the previous word
de'oi (exp!)
Cancellation (instant-/usage-wise; temporary) of all defaults in immediately previous word
di'a'ai (exp!)
vocative: resuming conversation
di'ai (exp!)
vocative: well-wish - curse
di'au (exp!)
pro-sumti and sumyzmico: discourse-interior default it (terbri-specific)
di'ei (exp!)
pro-sumti and sumyzmico: an elliptical/unspecified value which does not necessarily obey the default setting for the corresponding terbri that is explicitly specified in the definition of the word; has some value which makes bridi true
di'ei'o'au (exp!)
mathematical ternary operator: Dirichlet convolution (a×b)(c)
di'oi (exp!)
pro-sumti & sumyzmico: discourse-exterior default it
do'ai (exp!)
discursive & gafyzmico: ignore/kill all following default specifications (permanently)
do'au (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity may be chosen by the listener
do'ei (exp!)
impersonal pronoun; generic-you; generic-one; a generalized person
doi'a (exp!)
gafyzmico: Reset all default specification of the immediately previous word to their respective discourse-external/official definition specifications for this instance/usage only.
doi'au (exp!)
audience switch marker.
doi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA days in duration by standard x2.
doi'oi (exp!)
vocative: to the attention of, CC, carbon-copy(ing) ...
doi'u (exp!)
Quotes a word; the result is a pro-sumti for the most recent utterance containing that word.
generic single-word generic vocative marker; identifies intended listener with a single, possibly non-Lojban word, delimited by pauses (in speech) or by whitespace (in writing).
do'o'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: the original speaker (= you the primary listener/target) and the rest of the audience, excluding the new/current speaker (= me).
do'u'o (exp!)
question word: which utterance?
du'a'e (exp!)
mekso n-ary ordered operator: structure creator/ordered tuple, 'endow'; the structure formed by underlying set X1 (as) endowed with element, order, quoted operator, etc. X2, X3, ...
du'ai (exp!)
converts a sumti into a tanru-unit with place structure "x1 is/are the referents of [the sumti]".
du'a'o (exp!)
mekso binary operator: extract substructure/underlying set/endowing operator; the substructure (general sense; includes just operator, order, set, etc.) of X1 (structure; explicitly given by {du'a'e}) which is formed by collecting the ith entries of that {du'a'e}-tuple in order together into their own {du'a'e}-tuple (or by extracting them naked into the ambient environment if X2 is a singleton) for all i in set X2
du'au (exp!)
Text to bridi conversion
du'ei (exp!)
mekso binary operator: left-handed vectorial cross product (ordered input), -a \times b = b \times a (if using right-hand convention - notice the negative sign/operator or order).
du'oi (exp!)
location tense relation/direction (angular); clockwise from..., locally rightwards/to the right of ...
dy'ei (exp!)
digit/number: twenty (decimal 20).
e'au (exp!)
mix of .e'a (permission) + .e'e (encouragement) + .e'i (constraint) + .e'o (request) + .e'u (suggestion) + .au (desire)
e'e'e (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: shy giggle
e'ei (exp!)
attitudinal: appeal/call/invocation/summoning
ei'au (exp!)
Attitudinal: heart melting and opening - unmoved - heart freezing and withdrawing
ei'e (exp!)
irrealis attitudinal: competence (ja'ai) - incompetence (nai)
ei'i (exp!)
irrealis attitudinal: constraint (ja'ai) - independence (cu'i) - resistance against constraint (nai)
ei'u (exp!)
Attitudinal: advice/posit/well-considered idea - spitballing/proposal (no investment or confidence in it being a good idea) - rejection of suggestion/idea
e'u'a (exp!)
logical connective: sumti afterthought always true.
e'y (exp!)
letteral for e.
fa'ai (exp!)
mathematical ordered n-ary operator: (pointwise) functional left composition; X1 \circ X.
fa'ai'ai (exp!)
mekso k-ary operator, for natural k and 1 < k < 5: ordered input (f, g, S, m) where f and g are functions, S is a set of positive integers or "ro" (="all"), and m is 0 or 1 (as a toggle); output is a function equivalent to the function f as applied to an input ordered tuple with g applied to the entries/terms with indices in S (or to all entries/terms if S="ro") if m=0, or g left-composed with the same if m=1.
fa'au (exp!)
mathematical unary operator: map notation
fa'au'u (exp!)
nonce place; tags sumti with an unspecified connection to the bridi
fa'ei (exp!)
Unary mekso operator: reverse finite ordered sequence, tuple, list, string, etc.
fai'a (exp!)
translation marker - original/native version: marks a construct as having been translated and therefore particularly (possibly, but not necessarily) susceptible to the errors or limitations associated with translation (especially if the translator is unsure of the best result/option)
digit/number: the second Feigenbaum constant α = 2.502907875095892822283902873218...
fai'e'au (exp!)
digit/number: first Feigenbaum constant δ = 4.669 201 609 102 990 671 853 203 821 578(...).
fai'i (exp!)
Pendent preposition. Introduces a dangling argument that doesn't take part in the surrounding argument structure; similarly to {zo'u}, it may be used for pre-declaring a quantification, or for introducing an argument that will be later referred to anaphorically. The pronoun {zoi'i} is automatically bound to the argument introduced by {fai'i}.
fai'u (exp!)
digit/number: phi, the "golden ratio" (approx. = 1.6180...); the ratio a/b such that it equals (a+b)/a
fai'u'a (exp!)
digit/number: the fine-structure constant \alpha \approx 7.2973525698(\dots)×10(-3) \approx 1/137.035999074.
fa'oi (exp!)
sentence fence: the speaker is done speaking and signals to the addressee that they may now speak up if they so desire.
end of all Lojban text, forever.
fau'a (exp!)
Convert operator to being entrywise.
fa'u'ai (exp!)
non-logical connective: antirespectively; unmixed but reverse ordered distributed association.
fau'ai (exp!)
Iteratively applies "fau'a" to each resultant operator until all operators resolve.
fau'au (exp!)
two-tier function map/assignment writer notation: X1 (ordered list, no repetitious terms) maps termwise-respectively to X2 (ordered list; may be repetitious but must have exactly as many terms as X1)
fau'e (exp!)
iterated function left-composition with self: f∘f∘...∘f, n times.
fau'i (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: inverse function of input function X1 with respect to its input X2, taken on branch or restricted domain X3 ("domain" being of X1).
fau'u (exp!)
Forgive me!/I'm sorry!
fe'au'u (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: positive super-root; the bth super-root (inverse operator of hyper-operator with respect to base) of a of order c-2.
fe'ei (exp!)
binary mekso operator: divided by (fraction): a/(b...)
fei'i (exp!)
mekso variable-arity (at most ternary) operator: number of prime divisors of number X1, counting with or without multiplicity according to the value X2 (1 xor 0 respectively; see note for equality to -1 and for default value), in structure X3.
fei'u (exp!)
Prefix division by following unit selbri
fe'oi (exp!)
Vocative: Fin, the end, you may applaud now, conclusion; story ending or punchline marker
fi'ai (exp!)
marks end of prenex in stack-based dialect
mekso operator: continued fraction, Kettenbruch notation; for ordered input (X1, X, where: X1 is an ordered pair of functions and X2 is a free or dummy variable/input/index which ranges through set X3 in order(ing) X4, the result is K(X for Kettenbruch notation K.
fi'ei (exp!)
ifle modal, 1st place: if [sumti] (du'u or nu) is true...
Right-scoping adverbial clause: encloses a bridi and turns it into an adverbial term; the antecedent (ke'a) of the enclosed bridi stands for the outer bridi {lo su'u no'a ku} (the bridi in which this fi'oi term appears), including all the other adverbial terms (tags...) within this bridi located on the right of this fi'oi term (rightward scope).
fo'ai (exp!)
Creates a predicate abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding all the necessary lambda variables to the ko'a-ko'u pronoun series. The number of bound variables must be indicated by appending {xi} followed by that number to the word {fo'ai}, unless only one variable (namely {fo'a}) is bound, in which case the {xi} marking is optional.
GOI attachment modifier: allows a cmavo of selma'o GOI (which must follow immediately) to be attached to a selbri
create a relation abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding the two lambda variables to the {fo'i} and {fo'u} pronouns.
fu'a'ai (exp!)
digit/number: first Foias' constant; the unique value of x1 such that xn -> ∞ as n -> ∞ for xn+1 = (1 + (1/( xn )))^n; such x1 = 1.187…
fu'a'au (exp!)
digit/number: second Foias constant; the value x for which (1/x)(1 + (1/x))x=1 is true; ≈ 2.293…
fu'au (exp!)
discursive: luckily - not pertaining to luck - unluckily.
fu'ei (exp!)
begin within-context quote.
fu'ei'a (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to fo'a; used generally in quotations.
fu'ei'e (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to fo'e; used generally in quotations.
fu'ei'i (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to fo'i; used generally in quotations.
fu'ei'o (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to fo'o; used generally in quotations.
fu'ei'u (exp!)
discursive: indicate a change in speaker to fo'u; used generally in quotations.
fy'ai (exp!)
digit/number: twenty-one (decimal 21).
fy'oi (exp!)
Number suffix initiating a subordinate clause representing a predicate whose arity is the suffixed number; the lambda variables representing the predicate slots are bound from the fo'a-fo'u series in their dictionary ordering; the number of bound variables is the same as the predicate arity.
ga'ai (exp!)
unary mekso operator: Lorentz-Einstein gamma factor +1/((1-(|X|2)) for input X.
ga'au (exp!)
digit/number: Euler–Mascheroni constant, usually denoted by lowercase gamma (γ); approximately 0.5772156649 (in decimal).
ga'ei (exp!)
abstractor: sensation / qualia abstractor; x1 is the sensation / qualia associated with objects with property [bridi, bound to ce'u], via sense x2, as sensed by x3
gai'i (exp!)
zgadi/cadga modal; 1st place: with just/expected result ...; should/ought to result in ...
gai'o (exp!)
pro-bridi: the empty predicate
ga'oi (exp!)
evidential: I disagree with you vehemently, but offer no substantive counterarguments/information pulled from my ass
gau'a (exp!)
mekso (no-more-than-4-ary) operator: Gaussian function f(x, a, b, c) = c e-((x-a).
ga'u'au (exp!)
mekso n-ary operator: append contravariant (upper) indices to tensor
gau'e (exp!)
ganse modal, 1st place to perceiver ... ; sensed, detected by ...
gau'i'o (exp!)
digit/number: Gauss' arithmetic-geometric mean of 1 and √(2)=sqrt(2) constant G ≈ .8346268…
gau'o (exp!)
location tense relation / direction; upon/atop ...
ge'ai (exp!)
metasyntactic variable prenex
ge'ei (exp!)
metasyntactic variable marker
gei'au (exp!)
mekso 7-ary operator: for input (X1 = z, X2 = (ai)= (bj)= p, X5 = q, X6 = h1, X= h2), this word/function outputs/yields \sumn=0^\infty (((\prodi = 1p (ne'o'o(ai,n,1,h= 1q (ne'o'o(bj,n,1,h; by default, X6 = 1 = X7 unless explicitly specified otherwise.
gei'i'e (exp!)
mekso unary operator: converts a string of digits which includes {pi} to the same string of digits without {pi}; if {pi} is not present in the original/input string, the output is identical
ge'u'a (exp!)
logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal always true (with gi).
elidable terminator for connective modifiers
gi'a'a (exp!)
logical connective: forethought all but tanru-internal always false (with gi).
gi'au (exp!)
pro-sumti: refers to the proposition that is the left-hand side complement of the current logical connection.
afterthought abstraction wrapper
gi'e'u'a (exp!)
logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought always true.
gi'i'a'a (exp!)
logical connective: bridi-tail afterthought always false.
gi'o'i (exp!)
pro-bridi: in the second half of a bridi forethought connective expression, refers to the first half.
This cmavo precedes a predicate (at least binary) and turns it into a forethought conjunction, which syntactically behaves like GA cmavo. The predicate indicates the relationship between the two connected propositions. Terminator: {te'u}.
go'ai (exp!)
last bridi (with its modifiers)
go'au (exp!)
marks the tagged sumti as being scope-wide within the immediate parent (text-wide by default) specified in the argument of the vocative
repeat (copy-and-paste) the recontextualized content of the most-recent or indicated NOI relative clause.
goi'e (exp!)
assign sentence or tu'e...tu'u group to sumti
go'oi (exp!)
pro-bridi: quotes the next word and repeats the most recent bridi containing that word
go'o'i'a (exp!)
digit/number: Goloumb-Dickman constant ≈ .6243…
gu'ai (exp!)
binary operator: left group action g.x
gu'au'i (exp!)
mekso operator, variable arity - algebraic structure order of X1; OR: order of/(size of) period of element X1 in algebraic structure X2 under operator/of type X3
gu'e'u'a (exp!)
logical connective: tanru-internal forethought always true (with gi).
gu'i'a'a (exp!)
logical connective: tanru-internal forethought always false (with gi).
gu'y (exp!)
predicate modifier: convert x1 to a mereological sum composed of x1.
.i (exp!)
sentence link/continuation; continuing sentences on same topic; normally elided for new speakers.
i'a'a (exp!)
logical connective: sumti afterthought always false.
i'au (exp!)
reset bridi-level to zero
ia'u (exp!)
attitudinal: trust - lack of trust - distrust
iau (exp!)
reset bridi-level to zero
ie'e (exp!)
attitudinal: finding something reasonable - unreasonable
ie'i (exp!)
attitudinal: disgust - attraction
ie'o (exp!)
filler word: um, like, y'know
ii'au (exp!)
attitudinal: yee-haw!
attitudinal: feeling grounded - feeling spacy
attitudinal: good mental health - bad mental health
attitudinal: sexual arousal - sexual repulsion
attitudinal: sexual consent - revocation of consent
attitudinal: orgasm - impotence
attitudinal: kinky - vanilla
attitudinal: sexual satisfaction - sexual dissatisfaction
i'y (exp!)
letteral for i.
iy (exp!)
letteral for the i semi-vowel, sometimes written as ĭ
iy'y (exp!)
letteral for y
ja'ai (exp!)
affirm last word: attached to cmavo to affirm them; denies negation by nai whenever it is applicable.
ja'au (exp!)
subjective number which is decreasing over time
ja'ei (exp!)
jai equivalent of la'e
grammatically converts LAhE to SE; semantically the result tags the x1 of the selbri as being LAhE the supplied x1. Can be converted to other than x1 with SE.
jai'ai (exp!)
attitudinal: everything coming together - everything falling apart
jai'e (exp!)
elliptical presence or absence of "jai".
takes NU or LE NU, turns into sumtcita: clarifies the semantic NU-type of the current bridi.
ja'oi (exp!)
permutation cycle writer notation start
ja'u (exp!)
na'e fancuka modal: no matter (indirect question)...
jau'au (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: length/number of components/terms of/in object/array/formal string/sequence/word/text in some alphabet/base/basis which includes each digit; number of digits/components/entries
jau'i (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: extra properly, primly, "by the book" - rushing things, half-assing.
Break in speech in order to demonstrate something in a nongrammatical or nonlinguistic way.
lambda quantifier: binds a lambda variable.
je'ai (exp!)
NAhE question.
je'au (exp!)
discursive: correcting/corrective/correction - inattentive/uncaring/neutral toward the presence of possible errors - permitting (known/likely/plausible) error/incompleteness/approximation
je'e'e (exp!)
mekso operator: associated Legendre polynomial in a with unassociated order b and associated order c
jei'o (exp!)
x1 is PA weeks in duration by standard x2.
jei'u (exp!)
evidential: I intuit... / I suspect...
je'u'a (exp!)
logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought always true.
ji'a'a (exp!)
logical connective: tanru-internal afterthought always false.
ji'ai (exp!)
job descriptor: the one which does …
ji'au (exp!)
attitudinal scope modifier: marks following attitudinal/UI-cluster as applying to the last lexical unit
ji'e'ai (exp!)
mekso unary operator: determinant, det(A)
ji'ei (exp!)
animate - inanimate
ji'i'u (exp!)
mekso, at-most-5-ary operator: a rounding function; ordered input list is (x,n,t,m,b) and the output is sgn(x) bt roundn (b(-t) abs(x)), with rounding preference n and where the fractional part of b(-t) abs(x) being equal to 1/2 causes the roundn ( ) function to map b(-t) abs(x) to the nearest integer of form 2Z+m, for base b (determined by context if not explicitly input) and some integer Z (determined by context).
ji'i'u'u (exp!)
mekso, at-most-5-ary; rounding function. (See notes).
ji'o'e (exp!)
connective: elliptical/generic/vague
ji'oi (exp!)
This cmavo precedes a predicate (at least binary) and turns it into a conjunction, which syntactically behaves like JA cmavo. The predicate indicates the relationship between the two connected propositions. Terminator: {te'u}.
jo'ai (exp!)
convert a selbri tag followed by a tanru unit to a tanru unit; differently from {jai}, it does not change the first place of the tanru unit.
jo'au (exp!)
change version/dialect of parser
jo'au'o (exp!)
shift letterals to Lojban alphabet
jo'ei (exp!)
nonlogical connective: disjoint union
jo'ei'i (exp!)
nonlogical connective (and mekso operator) - symmetric difference of sets
joi'au'a (exp!)
non-logical connective: to be in a (nontrivial) superposition of (states); mixture
joi'i (exp!)
mekso string operator (n-ary): formal right-concatenation; X1 + X, where Xi is a string/word/text/character/letteral/lerfu/quoted utterance (quote appropriately iff necessary; preserve and be careful about the use-vs.-mention distinction) for all i.
jo'oi (exp!)
non-logical connective: the more ..., the more...
ju'ai (exp!)
Default number radix modifier: changes the value of the default radix assumed for any numeral lacking an explicit radix within the following text, until another {ju'ai} appears.
ju'au (exp!)
semi-mathematical binary operator: named number base operator/interpreter
Tight scope bridi separator; analogous to {.i} without ending the abstractor or relative clause.
ju'oi (exp!)
evidential: I know that...
long-digit interpretation specifier; macrodigit named base specifier
ka'ai (exp!)
kansa modal, 1 place; with .../with a companion ...
ka'au (exp!)
mekso unary operator: cardinality (#, | |)
ka'ei (exp!)
abstractor: predicate abstractor. x1 is the predicate expressed by [bridi], using bo'a, bo'e, etc for variables.
ka'ei'a (exp!)
digit/number: Conway's look-and-say constant λ ≈ 1.303577269…
kai'a (exp!)
evidential: by definition... / essentialistically...
kai'ai (exp!)
karbi modal: with comparing agent - (SE) compared to - (TE) compared to - (VE) compared according/with respect to - (XE) with comparison...
kai'au (exp!)
Adverbial, metacommentary-introducing, and complex discursive or attitudinal: I express this utterance in a manner or with mental state which is described by the immediately following and enclosed bridi in reference to the tagged construct, or assert that the said immediately following and enclosed bridi is true in application to the tagged construct in a metacommentary style.
kai'e (exp!)
evidential: I expect - I deny expecting
kai'ei (exp!)
abstractor: x1 (x2, ...) are such that they satisfy [bridi], using bo'a/bo'e/etc for variables
kai'i (exp!)
Property relativizing determiner / unary quantifier constructor. {kai'i} introduces a predicate whose first argument slot becomes filled by the property made by taking the bridi in which this {kai'i} appears and putting {ce'u} into the argument slot in which this {kai'i} argument was located. Put formally, "kai'i brodi cu brodu" = "lo ka ce'u brodu cu brodi". Additionally, a {kai'i} term has a rightward logical scope, like quantifiers and adverbials.
kai'o (exp!)
quaternion i
kai'u (exp!)
abstractor: x1 (x2, ...) are such that they satisfy [bridi], binding to the open {ce'u} slots.
ka'o'ai (exp!)
imaginary i (non-comma)
ka'o'ei (exp!)
imaginary i, comma - spherical coordinates: first coordinate gives magnitude (complex modulus/radius) of the number, the second number gives the angle from the positive real axis measured counterclockwise toward the 'positive' imaginary axis (default: in the primary branch/Arg) as measured in some units (which that number should contain; the contextless default will suppose radians); the angle is not normalized.
ka'oi (exp!)
x1 (ka) is obtained from x2 (ka) by uncurrying the first N places
ka'oi'i (exp!)
convert bridi into n-ary property claim: xn is such that it fills the n-th occurrence of ce'u in [bridi].
kau'a (exp!)
pro-sumti: strong-memory something1/eidetic da/elephant thing1 (logically quantified existential, arbitrarily-long-scope pro-sumti)
kau'ai (exp!)
Microdigit-spanning endianness binary-toggle.
kau'au (exp!)
Macrodigit-spanning endianness binary-toggle.
kau'e (exp!)
pro-sumti: strong-memory something2/eidetic de/elephant thing2 (logically quantified existential, arbitrarily-long-scope pro-sumti)
kau'i (exp!)
pro-sumti: strong-memory something3/eidetic di/elephant thing3 (logically quantified existential, arbitrarily-long-scope pro-sumti)
kau'o (exp!)
generic algebra unit en
Predicate to variable-binding binary quantifier. The first slot of the predicate must be a property.
Toggles to no grouping
ke'au (exp!)
relative clause prenex: assigns a variable to the object of the relative clause
Attaches all of the following words to the next explicitly mentioned sumti as seltau of that sumti or selbri which is explicitly marked with "cu" (under left-grouping by default).
terminates a JUhAU expression
Toggles to right grouping of tanru/lujvo.
Toggles to left grouping of tanru.
Locks tanru modification order reversal (does not affect lujvo). {ke'e'unai} restores regular order
kei'ai (exp!)
mekso style converter: elementwise application of operator
mekso operator: finite result set derived from/on set A with/due to operator/function B under ordering of application C
kei'ei (exp!)
digit/number: hex digit E (decimal 14) [fourteen].
non-logical connective/mekso operator - of arity only 1 xor 2: set (absolute) complement, or set exclusion (relative complement). Unary: X2 ^C; binary: X1\setminusX.
kei'o (exp!)
quaternion j
ke'o'a (exp!)
vocative: please repeat in simpler words.
ke'o'e (exp!)
vocative: please repeat over and over in a soft tone that puts me in a trance
ke'oi (exp!)
reverses modification order of contained tanru (does not affect lujvo).
ke'o'o (exp!)
vocative: please repeat more slowly / more clearly enunciated.
ke'o'u (exp!)
vocative: please repeat in a language I understand better.
accepts number (n) after: repeat last sumti up to n times
ki'a'au'u'au'i (exp!)
attitudinal question: metalinguistic confusion caused by too many experimental cmavo
ki'ai (exp!)
Converts following selbri, cmevla, or zoi-quote into a nonce interjection/attitudinal.
ki'au (exp!)
evidential: I reason - I think impulsively.
ki'oi (exp!)
se kibzva modal, 1st place: at website/Internet resource...
ko'ai (exp!)
Creates a predicate abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding all the necessary lambda variables to the ko'a-ko'u pronoun series.
ko'au (exp!)
kosmu modal, 1st place with purpose...
ko'ei (exp!)
converts the place structure of the following tanru-unit-2 into MINDE semantic frame
koi'e (exp!)
UI-cmavo parenthesis/separator: start grouping
koi'i (exp!)
create a binary relation abstraction sumti out of a full bridi clause, binding the two lambda variables to the {ko'i} and {ko'u} pronouns.
koi'o (exp!)
quaternion k
ko'o'au (exp!)
Pro-sumti: references a following mentioned sumti, but which one is not specified.
ko'o'e (exp!)
Pro-sumti: references a previously mentioned sumti, but which one is not specified.
ko'oi (exp!)
discursive: imperative/hortative
ko'o'o'o'o (exp!)
meaningless chicken clucking
ku'ai (exp!)
ku'i modal: in contrast to...
ku'ai'i (exp!)
empty/vacuous selbri
elidable terminator: end of LOhOI construct
ku'au'a (exp!)
mekso (n+1)-ary operator: q-analog converter - the ath analog of b (quoted operator) applied to operands c, d, ...
ku'au'i (exp!)
Terminator for a CAhEI phrase.
ku'i'a (exp!)
PA: blank/empty digit
ku'o'e'a (exp!)
quod erat demonstrandum, Q.E.D.
Complex UI construct terminator (elidable).
closing bracket/terminator for mekso expression interpretation modifiers
ky'oi (exp!)
Number suffix initiating a subordinate clause representing a predicate whose arity is the suffixed number; the lambda variables representing the predicate slots are bound from the ko'a-ko'u series in their dictionary ordering; the number of bound variables is the same as the predicate arity.
ky'u (exp!)
newsworthiness focus marker: indicates the most newsworthy part of the clause.
la'ai (exp!)
otherwise lojbanic name, ending in a vowel; multiple names delimited by pauses.
la'au (exp!)
start grammatical name quotation; the quoted text is an identifier and must be grammatical on its own.
la'e'au (exp!)
the specific referent of [following sumti] defined/specified by the grammar
la'ei (exp!)
combines LA with DOI
lai'a (exp!)
text scope alphabet specifier. Sets the alphabet used for spelling until changed.
lai'ai (exp!)
digit/number: hex digit F (decimal 15) [fifteen].
lai'e (exp!)
Named reference. It converts a sumti into another sumti. The converted sumti points to the referent the name of which is the referent of the unconverted sumti.
lai'i (exp!)
evidential: I experience - I deny experiencing
lai'u (exp!)
descriptive descriptor: the one described with description …
la'oi (exp!)
single-word non-Lojban name; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses and treats it as a name
lau'au (exp!)
mekso unary operator: for input X, this outputs X/(1+X).
lau'e (exp!)
pronoun: the referent of the following utterance
lau'u (exp!)
pronoun: the referent of the preceding utterance
replace recent mistakenly uttered text
le'au (exp!)
Start property which sets the meaning of {le} in the surrounding text.
le'ei (exp!)
article: "the thing(s) I have in mind and which I believe appear(s) to you to be…"
lei'e (exp!)
anaphoric mass gadri: start a description of a mass/group/constituency mentioned earlier in the text/conversation, viewed as a whole
lei'i (exp!)
demonstrative mass gadri; start a definite description that refers to a mass/group/constituency in the shared frame-of-reference, viewed as a whole
lei'o (exp!)
x1 is PA months in duration by standard x2.
li'ai (exp!)
unevaluated mekso as name.
terminator of selma'o LUhEI
arbitrary character string or irregular number
ternary mekso operator: retrieves/gets/outputs the X2th entry/term from ordered list X1 under indexing rules X3.
li'i'e (exp!)
lisri modal, 1st place: in/belonging to/of/from story...
li'oi (exp!)
marks word/construct as being optional, i.e. the bridi would still be both grammatical AND reflect the speakers opinion/intention would the marked construct be left out
lo'ai (exp!)
start quote of recent mistakenly uttered text to be replaced
lo'au (exp!)
presuppositional definite article: the …; the thing(s) which …
loi'a (exp!)
generic essentialistic article: «loi'a broda cu brode» = a broda typically is/does brode; being/doing brode is a typical trait of broda-hood.
loi'e (exp!)
generalized mass gadri; start a description of a generalization of some mass/group/constituency viewed as a whole
loi'i (exp!)
essentialist mass gadri; start a description of an essential characterization of some mass/group/constituency viewed as a whole
lo'oi (exp!)
Description clause: create a sumti from the enclosed bridi, describing the referent of the created sumti as filling the bridi place filled with {ke'a}.
lo'o'o (exp!)
plural logic maximum-scope descriptor: those who individually or collectively are ...
lu'au (exp!)
Bridi to text conversion
lu'ei (exp!)
convert a grammatical quotation to a tanru unit; x1 expresses/says the quoted text for audience x2 via expressive medium x3.
lu'oi (exp!)
selbri conversion: abstracts out a member of x1 (set/group), moves old x1 to the fai place
ly'ei (exp!)
exophoric article: the … I have in mind (identity not necessarily ascertainable from the context).
ma'au (exp!)
Binary mekso operator: uniform probability A(X2)u(X for input (X1,X where X1 is a number and X2 is a set or space. (See notes for details).
ma'a'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status question marker
mai'a (exp!)
Maybe, but not the desired answer
mai'e (exp!)
"True, but not the answer that I expected/desired"
mai'e'e (exp!)
digit/number: Meissel-Mertens constant M ≈ 0.2614972128476427837554268386086958590516…
mai'i (exp!)
pro-sumti: the universal argument/value; syntactically-contextually and type-permitted maximally generic in its typing
mai'o (exp!)
turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai}
mai'u (exp!)
unary mekso operator: signum function
ma'o'e (exp!)
mathematical operator: vague/elliptical/general/generic operator
ma'oi (exp!)
selma'o quote; quotes a word (a cmavo) and uses it to name a selma'o.
ma'oi'e (exp!)
Like "ma'oi" but outputs the officially-designated/canonical sub-selma'o (if any) to which the immediately following and quoted word (cmavo) belongs, otherwise outputting the whole relevant selma'o in fashion equivalent to "ma'oi".
mau'a (exp!)
shortening of {lo du'u ma kau *bridi*}, with {ce'u} bound to {ma kau}
mekso: conversion of operator/function to operand
UI conversion start quote; converts grammatical Lojban text to cmavo of selma'o UI
mau'i (exp!)
attitudinal: stronger intensity attitudinal relativizer
UI conversion end quote (elidable terminator); converts grammatical Lojban text to cmavo of selma'o UI
mau'u (exp!)
savoring/focusing and attempting to retain feelings of strong satisfaction - trying to escape intense dissatisfaction
me'ai (exp!)
attitudinal: weaker intensity attitudinal relativizer
me'au (exp!)
Convert abstract predicate sumti back to predicate
me'ei (exp!)
Article for abstract predicate sumti. Turns a selbri into an abstraction with all open places filled by {ce'u}.
me'ei'o (exp!)
mekso n-ary operator: interleave sequences
mei'a (exp!)
digit/number: arbitrarily small/lesser/diminished/few (finite and nonzero but otherwise as small as desired).
mei'e (exp!)
Accepts any number of sumti and turns them into a selbri-unit that means "x1 is among the referents of these sumti".
mei'i (exp!)
convert number to cardinality selbri: x1 is/are [number] in number; there is/are [number] things among x1.
Elidable terminator for selma'o MEIhE (which turns any number of sumti into a selbri-unit)
mei'u (exp!)
converts sumti into selbri: x1 is [that sumti]'s, among x2, by relationship x3 (binary ka).
non-Lojban brivla
mi'ai (exp!)
we; several people including one of the speakers; I (the speaker) and at least one another person (even if that person is one of the speakers too)
mi'au (exp!)
attitudinal: meow, miaow
mi'i'au (exp!)
digit/number: interval/range indicator for significant digits (determined by midpoint).
mi'oi (exp!)
inclusive we; includes the speaker (I) and the listener (you), but may or may not include others
moi'a (exp!)
shortening of {lo du'u *sumti* mo kau}
moi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA minutes in duration by standard x2.
moi'i (exp!)
evidential: I remember - I don't remember (fact ; that/whether something is true)
moi'o (exp!)
x1 is the PA-th date/time of unit x2 (si'o) counting from x3 (default: now) by calendar x4
moi'oi (exp!)
interrogative mass gadri: "which group of..."; viewed and counted as a group
moi'u (exp!)
x1 is (n)th member of alphabet/set x2 ordered by rule x3, where the count begins at x4.
mo'oi (exp!)
interrogative gadri: "which"
mu'ai (exp!)
munje modal: 1st place; in universe...
mu'ai'au (exp!)
mathematical/logical/mekso ternary operator: μ (mu) operator: outputs the most extreme extended-natural number that satisfies relationship/predicate A, where extremeness is bounded by B and of a version determined by C; error output is -1
mu'au (exp!)
unary mekso operator: measure of the complement; 1 - x1.
mu'au'oi (exp!)
Discursive: resuming/continuing example - start new example
mu'e'ei (exp!)
Specifies the universe of consideration/all possible referents (for the present discourse); specifies the universal set/class/structure.
mu'ei (exp!)
Converts PA into tense; in [number (usually nonspecific)] possible worlds/alternate histories where [sumti (du'u)] is true
mu'i'ai (exp!)
digit/number: Hafner-Sarnak-McCurley coprime determinants limiting probability constant; h ≈ 0.3532363719…
mu'i'u (exp!)
base-dependent digit: representing exactly one half of one more than the maximum possible single-digit number expressible in the relevant number base
delimited non-Lojban selbri-unit
Marks an endpoint of a quote/string/expression and specifies that (relative to the original) the quote/string/expression so marked is complete, accurate, and well-portrayed by the quote/string/expression on the relevant side of the excerpt, including wrt all relevant information and when factoring in the content and context of the quotation-external discourse in which said quote/string/expression appears; indicator that quote mining or cherry-picking did not occur and that the excerpt which is quoted is not deceptive.
na'ai (exp!)
Same function as {na} but with the additional meaning that the sumti in the bridi have no prior experience together.
na'a'u (exp!)
not a number
na'au (exp!)
converts an unevaluated mekso expression into a sumti referencing its evaluated result (if sensible/defined)
na'ei (exp!)
Contradictory negation of a predicate
nai'i (exp!)
nafselte'i modal: except...
na'oi (exp!)
Indicator for moderate or normal attitudinal intensity
non-restrictive relative clause; attaches subordinate bridi with incidental information, doesn't contain an implicit reference to its head via {ke'a}.
nau'e (exp!)
tense interval modifier: generically, as a rule (gnomic aspect)
nau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity is unknown to the speaker
nau'u (exp!)
what is now; refers to current space/time/situation reference absolutely
ne'au (exp!)
attitudinal: devoidness of emotion (neutral by absence of emotion) - overwhelmed by/replete with/overflowing with (seemingly all) emotion
double-negative toggle: every odd-counted explicit usage makes negation additive; unmentioned or every even-counted explicit usage makes negation multiplicative.
nei'au (exp!)
unary mekso operator: (-1)x
nei'i (exp!)
strict essentialistic article: «nei'i broda cu brode» = being a broda necessarily entails being/doing brode.
nei'o (exp!)
x1 is PA years in duration by standard x2.
ne'o'a (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: the generalized incomplete (factorial-extending) Pi function; for input (X1, X this word outputs the definite integral of t^X1 e^-t with respect to t from X2 to X3 (see notes for default values).
ne'o'au (exp!)
mekso quaternary operator: polygamma function; for input X1, X, outputs the (-X2)th derivative of Log(ne'o'a(X1, X)) with respect to X1.
ne'oi (exp!)
unary operator: primorial a#
ne'o'o (exp!)
mekso quaternary operator – Pochhammer symbol: with/for input (X1, X, this word/function outputs \prodk = 0^X2 - 1 (X; by default, X4 = 1 unless explicitly defined otherwise.
ni'a'au (exp!)
mekso n-ary operator: append covariant (lower) indices to tensor
ni'ai (exp!)
x1 is a number/value such that the abstraction is true, under mathematical system x2; x1 binds to ke'a within the abstraction
ni'au (exp!)
attitudinal: 'how do you do?'
ni'e'ei (exp!)
digit/number: Niven's greatest-exponent prime factorization constant lim(n->∞) (avg
ni'e'oi (exp!)
digit/number: Niven's smallest-exponent prime factorization constant c = zeta(3/2)/zeta(3) ≈ 2.1732543125195541382370898404…
ni'oi (exp!)
This cmavo precedes a predicate (at least binary) and turns it into an incidental conjunction, which syntactically behaves like JA cmavo. The predicate indicates the relationship between the two connected propositions. Terminator: {te'u}.
ni'u'u (exp!)
scalar negator: not at all, no way
no'ai (exp!)
digit/number: absolute zero; nothing; there does not exist; ∄
no'au (exp!)
Introduces a bridi relative clause, with the scope of {xoi} and the semantics of {noi}
no'au'au (exp!)
mathematical/mekso binary operator: the zero/identity-element/(primitive (-))constant operator; outputs the identity-element of structure A (contextless default: the additive group of integers) regardless of the input value of B (except blank or ill-defined values)
no'e'u (exp!)
digit/number: liminal zero; neither positive nor negative
noi'a (exp!)
incidental/non-restrictive adverbial: converts selbri to bridi adverbial term. The first place of the converted selbri is claimed to be such that the outer bridi satisfies it, and the outer bridi is claimed. {broda noi'a brode} means {lo nu broda ku goi ko'a cu fasnu .i ko'a brode}.
noi'a'u (exp!)
PA nonrestrictive/incidental relative clause; attaches to a PA number/numeral/digit with the ke'a referring to that PA number/numeral/digit.
noi'au (exp!)
number/interpreted mathematical object non-restrictive clause
noi'e (exp!)
scalar normative: normal in intensity
connective modifer/limiter
noi'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: this paragraph
noi'u (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: attribution to the attached sumti
no'oi (exp!)
Selbri incidental relative clause; attaches to a selbri with the ke'a being 'me'ei the attached selbri'
nu'ai (exp!)
preposition: event instantiating the current proposition.
ny'ei (exp!)
digit/number: twenty (decimal 20).
o'ai (exp!)
vocative: slightly surprised greetings
oi'a (exp!)
Attitudinal: offended/insulted - unoffended - deserving and accepting
oi'i (exp!)
sentence link/continuation; continuing sentences on same topic with the observative sumti filled with {la'e} {di'u}
oi'o (exp!)
attitudinal: fuck/shit - fuck yeah/hell yeah
oi'u (exp!)
attitudinal: pain/suffering - comfort
o'y (exp!)
letteral for o.
pa'au'o (exp!)
digit/number: universal parabolic constant P = √(2) + Loge(1 + √(2)) ≈ 2.295587
pai'e (exp!)
scalar question: how very...?
pai'i (exp!)
Digit/number: pi (denoted "π"; approximately 3.1416...); the constant defined by the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of all circles in Euclidean space.
pau'ai (exp!)
rhetorical construct marker - genuine/serious/literal assertion/question/command marker
pau'a'u (exp!)
mekso operator: part of number/projection (one sense); the X2 part of X1
pau'au (exp!)
ternary mekso operator: p-adic valuation; outputs (positive) infinity if x1 = 0 and, else, outputs sup(Set(k: k is a nonnegative integer, and ((1 - x3)x divides x1)), where pn is the nth prime (such that p1 = 2).
pau'ei (exp!)
mekso operator: power set - produces the set of all subsets of set X1 that are of (any) size (that is) X2 [a nonnegative integer or transfinite/infinite number; default: su'o no].
pau'i (exp!)
discursive: marks the previous construction as a question, with valid responses being any construction which could replace it without changing the grammar of the overall utterance.
pau'oi (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: predecessor/diminish/decrement (by one), \operatornamepred(a) = a-- = a-1
pau'u (exp!)
modal: "one ... at a time"
pe'ai (exp!)
discursive: layperson/laïc meaning; marks a construct as layperson/common/non-technical/non-jargon speech/text
pe'ei (exp!)
mark a logical connective as having maximal scope.
pei'a (exp!)
scalar / attitudinal question: how very...?
pei'e (exp!)
evidential question: how do you know that?
pei'e'a (exp!)
at-most-3-ary mekso operator: "integer exponent" for X1 divided by X2 in algebraic structure X3
pei'i'a (exp!)
digit/number: Apéry's constant ζ(3) = 1.202056903159594285399738161511449990764986292…
pei'o (exp!)
attitudinal category question: what is the category (UI4) of attitudinal?
pei'u (exp!)
discursive: want a response - venting
pi'ai (exp!)
Prefix multiplication of unit selbri
pi'au (exp!)
digit/number: pi (approximately 3.1416...); the constant defined by the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of all circles.
pi'au'e (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: extract digit from number; X2nd macrodigit/term of number/tuple X1 when X1 is expressed in base/basis X3.
pi'ei (exp!)
mathematical/mekso binary operator: vector or function inner product over a field; the inner product of A and B over field C
pi'ei'au (exp!)
mathematical ternary operator: not-greater-prime-counting function
pi'ei'oi (exp!)
mathematical ternary operator: prime-generating function.
pi'u'e (exp!)
mekso n-ary operator: generate ordered tuple/list from inputs; pi'u'e(x1, x= (x1, x, pi'u'e(x1, x= (x1, x, etc.
po'a (exp!)
ponse modal, 1st place: with possessor/owner...
poi'a (exp!)
restrictive adverbial: converts selbri to bridi adverbial term. The first place of the converted selbri is claimed to occur in conjunction with the outer bridi. {broda poi'a brode} means {lo nu broda cu fasnu gi'e brode}.
poi'a'u (exp!)
PA restrictive relative clause; attaches to a PA number/numeral/digit with the ke'a referring to that PA number/numeral/digit.
poi'au (exp!)
number/interpreted mathematical object restrictive clause
poi'e (exp!)
x1, x2, x3... are such that {poi'e} abstraction is true; each {ke'a} binds another argument of the resulting predicate
po'i'ei (exp!)
n-ary mekso operator: for an input of ordered list of ordered pairs ((X1, Y, it outputs formal generalized rational function (x - X1)^Y in the adjoined indeterminate (here: x).
poi'i (exp!)
x1 is such that {poi'i} abstraction is true; x1 binds {ke'a} within the abstraction.
poi'o'a (exp!)
restrictive first place adverbial: converts selbri to bridi adverbial term. The outer bridi is claimed to occur together with the event of the first place of that bridi satisfying the converted selbri. {broda poi'o'a brode} means {broda fau lo nu vo'a brode}.
po'i'oi (exp!)
mekso at-most-3-ary operator: convert to polynomial; X1 (ordered list of algebraic structure (probably field) elements) forms the (ordered list of) coefficients of a polynomial/Laurent-like series with respect to indeterminate X2 under ordering rule X3 (default for finite list: the first entry is the coefficient of the highest-degree term and each subsequent entry is the next lesser-degree coefficient via counting by ones and wherein the last entry is the constant term)
po'oi (exp!)
selbri restrictive relative clause; attaches to a selbri with the ke'a being "me'ei the attached-selbri"
pu'au (exp!)
tense: refers to past of current space/time reference absolutely
pu'e'ei (exp!)
mekso binary operator: generate span; outputs span(X1, X= spanX; set of all (finite) sums of terms of form c v, where v is an element of algebraic structure X1 (wherein scalar multiplication and summation is defined), and c is a scalar belonging to ring X2.
pu'e'u'o (exp!)
digit/number: the Prouhet-Thue-Morse constant τ = 0.412454033640… (in decimal)
py'ai (exp!)
digit/number: twenty (decimal 21).
ra'ai (exp!)
quotes a single non-meaning name in lojban (Must be lojban text and sounds) delimited by pauses
ra'au (exp!)
pro-sumti: others, not me/we/the speaker(s)/the author(s)/you the listener(s).
ra'ei (exp!)
semi-discursive: and so forth, and so on, et cetera, continuing similarly
rai'a (exp!)
selbri modifier: restrict the referents of the x1 slot to those belonging to the current domain of discourse, those being relevant to the present context.
ra'i'au (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: want this to last - (cu'i) accept this - (nai) want this to end soon
ra'i'e (exp!)
ternary mekso/mathematical operator: radical; for input (x,y,z), it outputs the largest y-th-power-free product of prime divisors of x in structure (ring) z.
rai'i (exp!)
mekso (2 or 3)-ary operator: maximum/minimum/extreme element; ordered list of extreme elements of the set underlying ordered set/structure X1 in direction X2 of list length X3 (default: 1)
rai'o (exp!)
Quote conversion: the quotation as presented uses pro-sumti and pro-bridi as if the current utterer (not the original utterer) were saying it, but the meaning conveyed is identical to that of the actual quotation by the original utterer and there is a claim that this meaning was expressed elsewhere
ra'oi (exp!)
single-word rafsi quote; quotes a single word delimited by pauses (in speech) or whitespace (in writing) and treats it as a rafsi
rau'o (exp!)
flag a quote/sedu'u statement in order to indicate that the text is substantially the same in all relevant important aspects (usually including content), translated with this meaning, "to this/that same effect" - - (nai:) untranslated, original and exact wording
quote marker: indicates that the quotation being marked has experienced exactly no change in meaning/has the original meaning and is the same in all important qualities - approximately the same meaning/having generally the same idea or effect or message - substantially changes in meaning or some important quality
free conversion
re'au'e (exp!)
the trivial selbri conversion - identity permutation of terbri
rei'e (exp!)
scalar abator: slightly... / not very...
ri'ai (exp!)
evidential: I have basic/axiomatic belief
ri'au (exp!)
pro-sumti: the next/immediately following sumti (as determined by back-counting rules applied forward)
ri'oi (exp!)
the latest aforementioned...; refers back to the most recently mentioned thing(s) that satisfies the x1 of the following predicate
ro'au'o (exp!)
shift to Latin alphabet (strictly)
roi'i (exp!)
emotion category/modifier: creative, artistic (emotion felt in proverbial/mythical "right brain") - analytic, methodical (emotion felt in proverbial/mythical "left brain")
ro'oi (exp!)
universal plural quantifier. “All.”
ru'ei (exp!)
n-ary operator: n-ary magma/group/ring operator a*b = ab`
ru'oi (exp!)
quantifier: "all" (as opposed to "every")
sa'ai (exp!)
start quote of replacement for recent mistakenly uttered text
erase current sentence.
sa'ei (exp!)
Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into onomatopoeia. (bam! crash! kapow! etc.)
sai'e (exp!)
scalar intensifier: very...
sai'ei (exp!)
turns PA into CAI; intensity attitude modifier expressed by a mekso.
sai'i (exp!)
digit/number: exactly enough and no more.
unconditional start of text; outside regular grammar; used for computer input.
sau'a (exp!)
interval event contour: succeeding at ...
sau'au (exp!)
mekso binary operator: del, nabla, quabla, partial-derivative vector/tensor operator; outputs the functional-valued formal-covector (or analog thereof) of partial derivatives with respect to X1 (tensor in the same format and order), each degree X2 (default: 1).
sau'e (exp!)
quotes a nonce Lojban word (an onomatopoeia), turns it into selbri unit meaning "x1 makes a sound like (quoted word)".
sau'ei (exp!)
vocative: celebratory cheer/hooray
sau'e'u (exp!)
topicalizer (sumtcita/discursive; somewhat meta): the following discourse is about/relates to/has topic/concerns
sau'i (exp!)
mekso n-ary operator: reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocal of each of X1, X2, ..., Xn (for any natural number n); 1/((1/X1) + (1/X.
sau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity the speaker is assuming the listener to know
erase the current clause.
se'ai'e (exp!)
(n, 1, 2, \dots, n-2, n - 1)st conversion.
se'au (exp!)
mathematical quinary operator; big operator: left sequence notation/converter - operator a, sequence b defined as a function on index/argument/variable/parameter c, in set d, under ordering e
se'au'e (exp!)
(2, 3, \dots, n-1, n, 1)st conversion.
se'e'i (exp!)
placed before a selbri, merges x1 and x2 places.
sei'a (exp!)
converts singular quantifier into plural quantifier
sei'ai (exp!)
vocative: sweet dreams.
se'i'a'o (exp!)
unary mathematical operator: identity function id(a) = a
terbri editor: passes the terbri value through the quoted function so that the sumti that fills it really is filling the output of the function
sei'e (exp!)
evidential builder: I know by means ...
se'i'i (exp!)
digit/number: Sierpiński constant K = π(2 Loge(2) + 3Log
sei'i (exp!)
evidential: stereotypically...
selbri terminator
sei'u (exp!)
vocative: "you're welcome / happy to help / no problem" - "just this once / you owe me"
sei'u'e (exp!)
digit/number: ideal first Skewe's constant Sk1 ; the first (minimal positive) infimum for which all greater x in some neighborhood have the property that it is false that the prime counting function at x is less than the logarithmic integral function at x
se'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/generic/unspecific/vague selbri conversion
se'oi (exp!)
evidential: I know by gnosis
Conversion: Switch n and x1 in MOI (or MOI*) cmavo so that the submitted value (previous x1) outputs the number(s) (previous n) associated with it.
se'u'o (exp!)
selbri conversion question
si'ai (exp!)
marks a construct as being a reference/allusion - explicit marker of divorce/isolation of a construct from any external allusions that may come to mind
si'au (exp!)
evidential: it seems that...
si'au'i (exp!)
erases a word; pretend the next word ≈ the erased word
si'ei (exp!)
numeric suffix: indicates that the number refers to portionality instead of cardinality
si'i'ai (exp!)
digit/number: a finite/bounded number, finitely many.
story time toggle.
Marks discontinuity in story time.
erases a SI, SA or SU cmavo; is to "redo" as SI/SA/SU is to "undo".
si'oi'e (exp!)
n-ary mekso operator: Logistical growth/cumulative function, sigmoid function; (X3 / (1 + e^(-X.
so'au (exp!)
subjective number which is constant over time
Delimit a replacement for the previous expression using arbitrary delimitors.
so'ei (exp!)
discursive: "to be honest", being frank, candid, speaking one's mind - deliberately "not getting into it", saying less than is on one's mind
soi'a (exp!)
subordinating adverbial: converts selbri to bridi adverbial term. The bridi is claimed to satisfy the first place of the converted selbri, but is not itself claimed to occur. {broda soi'a brode} means {lo nu broda cu brode}
soi'ai (exp!)
almost all/almost every/almost everywhere (technical sense): there is a non-universal conull subset (the complementary (sub)set of which is non-empty but of measure 0, where complement is taken with respect/relative to the universal set) of such things that are satisfactory.
soi'au (exp!)
almost none/almost no/almost nowhere (technical sense): the subset of satisfactory such things is null but non-empty.
soi'e (exp!)
x1 is PA seconds in duration by standard x2.
head-final content clause relativizer: it turns the current clause into a subordinate content clause, binds it to the {ke'a} pronoun, and restart the current clause afresh (as if its previous content was erased or moved into a hidden prenex).
Initiator of subordinating adverbial relative clause with leftwards logical scope. The adverbial clause binds the resumptive pronoun {ke'a} to the outer clause, which becomes irrealis (i.e. not necessarily claimed to be true). Terminator: {se'u}.
so'o'o'oi (exp!)
conversion: adds 1 to index of each place starting from place x1; the new resulting x1 is undefined
su'a'a (exp!)
discursive: responding quickly - responding after a long time/necroposting.
su'ai (exp!)
digit/number: precise to within the stated sigfigs (significant figures/digits); approximately, measured to be approximately, with some error/rounding
su'au (exp!)
digit/number: exact, exactly equal to, no more and no less, mathematically ideally (no measuring or rounding error)
su'ei (exp!)
shows that the first two places have a reciprocal relation
su'i'e (exp!)
mekso unary operator: digital addition.
su'i'o (exp!)
mekso unary or binary operator: ordered inputs (n, b) where n and b are nonnegative integers and b > 1; output is the ultimate digital root of n in base-b.
su'oi (exp!)
existential plural quantifier. “There is/are.”
su'o'o (exp!)
digit/number: strictly greater (more) than 0 but strictly less than all (jbo.: "ro").
erasure word: delete everything that was ever said in Lojban.
sy'a (exp!)
Override implicit zo'e-filling of empty argument slots in the current clause, or of the marked tanru-element if this particle is put right after a tanru-element, switching the default filling to existential quantification of lowest logical scope.
sy'au (exp!)
digit/number: nineteen (decimal 19).
sy'y (exp!)
pro-sumti: something or some things (shorthand for "su'oi dzai'i" with lowest local scope).
ta'ai (exp!)
pro-bridi: Quotes a single Lojban word, and turns it into the bridi, "x1 is the same word-shape as the quoted word"
ta'ei (exp!)
discursive: reconsideration of statement - continuing (on) in that line of thought/discussion
tai'a (exp!)
discursive: pay a lot of attention to what I just said - ignore what I just said.
mekso unary operator: basic Schlafli symbol composer (defined only on ordered lists)
tai'i (exp!)
Converts following cmevla or zoi-quote into phenomime.
tai'i'au (exp!)
8-ary mekso operator: the X1th nonnegative sum of X2 mutually-distinct perfect X3th-powers (i.e.: of integers) in X4 mutually truly-distinct ways, requiring exactly X5 terms to be negative in each sum (counting with(out^X6) multiplicity), requiring exactly X7 terms to be repeated between sums (counting with(out^X8) multiplicity), according to the usual ordering of the integers.
tai'i'e (exp!)
mekso unary operator: Kleene star - X1*
(something which approximately has) the abstract shape of the symbol for the previous construct
explicit indicator that the speaker is completing/continuing a previously uttered bridi in the discourse
tau'e (exp!)
the abstraction described by text; turns text sumti into abstraction sumti
ta'u'i (exp!)
Copy and paste the overall seltau of immediately preceding sumti at this location.
Following lujvo takes the form of a tanru (place structure of the lujvo is the same as the last rafsi/gismu)
ta'u'u (exp!)
Copy and paste the overall tertau of immediately preceding sumti at this location.
tau'u (exp!)
digit/number: tau (denoted "τ": approximately 6.2831...). The constant defined by the ratio of the circumference to the radius of all circles (default: in Euclidean geometry).
te'a'a (exp!)
tekla modal: with key/button... (computer game context)
te'ai (exp!)
Exponentiation of unit selbri
iterated Cartesian product with self: A × A × ... × A, n times.
te'au'u (exp!)
mekso ternary operator: Knuth up-arrow notation: a \uparrow \dots \uparrow b of order/with c-2 arrows ("\uparrow") initially, evaluated from right to left; the cth hyperoperator on a by b.
te'e'a (exp!)
2-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x2 and x3 places.
te'e'i (exp!)
placed before a selbri, merges x1 and x3 places (with the new x1 being equivalent to the result of this merging).
te'ei (exp!)
Vocative: request/command that recipient acknowledge having received (and understood) the message (iff they did (and do)) - no need to respond
te'i (exp!)
at a point on time axis
te'i'ai (exp!)
6-ary mekso/mathematical operator: Heaviside function/step/Theta function of a, of order b, in structure c, using distribution d, within approximated limit e, with value f_b at 0
tei'au (exp!)
4-ary mekso operator: Taylor expansion/polynomial term; for ordered input (X1, X, output is the X3th Taylor polynomial term of at-least-X3-smooth function X2 which was expanded around point X4 and which is evaluated at point X1, namely (1/(X3!)) × (D^X.
tei'i (exp!)
discursive: Especially, foremost, primarily, chiefly, preëminently, importantly, significantly (laïc or statistics technical sense), in particular, strongly, notably - in common with, commonly, generally, usually, ordinarily, unnoteably.
te'i'o (exp!)
discursive: specified by the speaker - unspecified by the speaker
tei'o (exp!)
discursive: in theory - in practice.
elidable terminator of a JAhOI construct
te'o'a (exp!)
unary mekso operator: natural exponentiation operator exp, where exp(a) = ea \forall a.
te'oi (exp!)
x1 (set of points in time) is a time of [bridi] taking place.
te'oi'i (exp!)
mekso ordered/non-commutative n-ary operator: tensor product/exterior product (of tensors); letting "@" denote the tensor product, A1 @ A2 @...@ An .
terminator, mekso: terminates the listing of an ordered sequence of indices for a tensor
ti'oi (exp!)
demonstrative article: the … which I'm currently pointing to or am otherwise attracting your attention to.
ti'u'a (exp!)
at N o'clock; at the hour N of the day.
ti'u'e (exp!)
at the minute N of the hour.
ti'u'i (exp!)
at the second N of the minute.
to'ai (exp!)
conversion: move/promote ['drag-and-drop'] 3rd place to 1st position. Everything else stays in the same order.
to'au (exp!)
Toaq toggle: Toggles text to Toaq language; marks following text as Toaq text.
to'ei'au (exp!)
binary mathematical operator: Jordan totient function Ja(b)
toi'e (exp!)
start UI-applicative metalinguistic UI-parenthetical
end UI-applicative metalinguistic UI-parenthetical (elidable terminator)
tu'ai (exp!)
abstraction described by quoted text
tu'ei (exp!)
makes a new selbri, the first two places of which are to be filled with sumti from the first two abstraction places of the selbri following this word
tu'oi (exp!)
null connective operand; used to fill empty places in JOI
tu'oi'u (exp!)
end connective string, set, list such that the set of terms provided is exhaustive.
u'ai (exp!)
attitudinal: triumph/victory - draw/tie/inconclusive - defeat/loss
uai (exp!)
attitudinal: friendly/friendishly/amicably/companionship/compatriotship/comradeship - antagonistically/enemyishly
uau (exp!)
Attitudinal: impressed/amazed - unimpressed (neutral)/blasé/bland/commonplace - unimpressed (negative)/disappointed/bored
uau'o (exp!)
Attitudinal: encouragement - (not engaged) - discouragement
ue'e (exp!)
discursive: counter-expectational – – aligning with expectations
ue'i (exp!)
attitudinal: excitement - lack of excitement - boredom
uei (exp!)
discursive: optional answer premarker
uei'e (exp!)
attitudinal: excited encouragement
ui'a (exp!)
excitement/squealing for pleasurable reasons - dullness/disinterest/disengagement - hissing/squealing for unpleasant reasons/disfavor
ui'i (exp!)
Attitudinal: feel like laughing - neither laughing nor crying - feel like crying
ui'o (exp!)
cheering/clapping/congratulating/adulation/bravo/praise - neither favorable nor unfavorable judgment - booing/hissing/jeering/disfavor
ui'y (exp!)
letteral for :)
uoi (exp!)
discursive: marks question construct as allowing filling it with answers that are non-referential constructs only
uo'o (exp!)
savoring the now (wishing time would stand still) - patience/indifference toward time passing - impatience (wishing time would move faster)
uu'i (exp!)
attitudinal: feeling schadenfreude (pleasure from someone's misfortune) - denying feeling schadenfreude.
u'y (exp!)
letteral for u.
uy (exp!)
letteral for the u semi-vowel, sometimes written as ŭ
va'au (exp!)
starts a tanru group with jvajvo-like semantic composition, keeping left grouping.
va'au'au (exp!)
Binary mekso operator: group-theoretic conjugation (group action): maps inputs (X1, X to X2^(-X= \phi(X. Default: X3 = 1.
va'ei (exp!)
converts number to scalar tag; specifies the value on fuzzy logic scale; to the degree (n) on scale ...
va'ei'a (exp!)
digit/number: Dom Hans van der Laan's plastic number ρ = 1.324717957244746025960908854…
va'oi (exp!)
discursive: forces jvajvo reading of the preceding brivla; +nai: forces naljvajvo reading of the preceding brivla.
vau'a (exp!)
pro-sumti: repeats the most recent 1st argument slot (fa-slot).
va'u'ai (exp!)
describing word / situation: have checked a dictionary - denying either - not have checked a dictionary.
vau'au'o (exp!)
omega constant, Lambert product-log W(1)
vau'e (exp!)
pro-sumti: repeats the most recent 2nd argument slot (fe-slot).
interval bracket ordered tuple introducer
vau'i (exp!)
pro-sumti: repeats the most recent 3rd argument slot (fi-slot).
vau'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: repeats the most recent 4th argument slot (fo-slot).
interval bracket ordered tuple terminator
vau'u (exp!)
pro-sumti: repeats the most recent 5th argument slot (fu-slot).
ve'ai (exp!)
vocative marker: identifies the station(s) to which a message is to be sent and at the same time prepares a universe of discourse by filtering from a stream of messages only those said by that station(s)
ve'e'a (exp!)
2-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x2 and x4 places.
ve'e'i (exp!)
placed before a selbri, merges x1 and x4 places.
ve'ei (exp!)
Vocative: from station - to station
ve'e'u (exp!)
2-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x3 and x4 places.
vei'e (exp!)
mekso binary operator – quotient from integer-division: sgn(X1) sgn(X2) ((abs(X1) - (abs(X1) \% X.
vei'i (exp!)
evidential: I remember (experiencing) - I deny remembering
vei'o (exp!)
binary mekso operator: form quotient space X1/X.
vei'u (exp!)
binary mekso operator: mod(ulus)/remainder; X1 \% X2, \,\,\, X1 (mod(X2)).
ve'oi (exp!)
Close all open mathematical brackets.
vi'ei'e (exp!)
digit/number: Lévy-Khinchin constant γ = e^(π^2)/(12Loge(2)) ≈ 3.2758…
vi'oi'au (exp!)
mekso unary operator: the set of all fixed points of function a
vo'ai (exp!)
conversion: move/promote 4th place to 1st position. Everything else stays in the same order.
vo'au'u (exp!)
quaternary mathematical operator: (left) convolution (a★b)(c) in structure d
vo'ei'a (exp!)
digit/number: Lambert W(1) constant Ω ≈ 0.5671432904097838729999686622…
voi'a (exp!)
pronoun analogical to the vo'a series for the fai-place.
voi'e (exp!)
titular possessive: possessive that is part of a name, e.g. "The Summer of Love", "The Wars of the Roses", "Zeno of Elea"
voi'i (exp!)
titular relative clause: gives a title/name in the form of a relative clause, e.g. "Alexander the Great" or "Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds"
vo'oi (exp!)
evidential: non-veridical - veridical
vu'ai (exp!)
base-dependent digit: the maximum possible single-digit number expressible in the relevant number base.
opening bracket for VUhO
brisni/statement terminator.
xa'a (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: laughter
xa'a'a (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: laughter
xa'ai (exp!)
mekso operator: the bth branch of the (possibly multivalued) function a
xa'au (exp!)
Hadamard-Walsh-Rademaker-Fourier gate/transform.
xa'e (exp!)
location tense distance: too far to interact with; subjective
xa'ei (exp!)
time tense relation/direction: disconnected in time/place; causally disjoint
xa'ei'o (exp!)
binary mekso operator: Let the inputs X1 and X2 be sets in the same universal set O; then the result of this operator applied to them is X1^c \cup X, where for any A \subseteq O, Ac = O \setminus A.
xa'ei'u (exp!)
binary mekso operator: Let the inputs X1 and X2 be sets in the same universal set O; then the result of this operator applied to them is X1^c \cap X, where for any A \subseteq O, Ac = O \setminus A.
xa'i (exp!)
discursive: imagining/roleplaying - not imagining/"out of character / in real life"
xai (exp!)
they.(repeat >1 preceding sumti)
xai'a (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: Hyah! (battle cry/kiai)
xai'i (exp!)
Property article: converts the following predicate into an property sumti (whose open slot is the x1 of the predicate).
xai'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: independent of the other, all options satisfy
xa'o (exp!)
opposite of za'o: event contour: refers to the portion of the event which occurs before the natural beginning; starting too early before ...; <----.
xa'oi (exp!)
already; too early than expected;
Any parser parsing the text/sentence/fragment containing this cmavo, must answer that the whole text/sentence/fragment is not syntactically not correct.
xa'u (exp!)
discourse pronoun: the future situation
xau (exp!)
preposition: marks that which the bridi is beneficial to; for the benefit of..., with beneficiary...
xau'a (exp!)
shortening of {lo du'u xu kau *bridi*}
symbol string to number/variable
xau'ei (exp!)
text to number/variable unassignment
mekso convention default specification/definition (explicit)
xau'o (exp!)
text to number/variable
XAUhO terminator
mekso convention cancellation
xau'u'oi (exp!)
elliptical/vague interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker
xe'a (exp!)
pseudo-number that is unequal to itself.
mekso clausal referent bracket initializer
xe'e (exp!)
digit/number: any/non-specific referent; modifies quantifier to indicate that it is not important what the specific members of the referential set are
xe'e'a (exp!)
2-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x2 and xn places.
xe'e'e (exp!)
interjection: laughter/chuckle (heh heh heh)
xe'e'i (exp!)
placed before a selbri, merges x1 and x5 places.
xe'ei (exp!)
abstractor: place abstractor; x1 is the place where [bridi] takes place
xe'e'o (exp!)
2-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x4 and x5 places.
xe'e'u (exp!)
2-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x3 and x5 places.
xei (exp!)
digit/number: hex digit E (decimal 14) [fourteen]
xei'a (exp!)
frees the following attitudinals of their context; precedes free-floating non-modifying attitudinals
xei'e (exp!)
online location tense; at the same online place as; online equivalent of {bu'u}
xei'i (exp!)
reattaches the following attitudinals to the containing bridi; precedes free-floating attitudinals to be understood as modifying the bridi they are contained in
xei'u (exp!)
reattaches the following attitudinals to the containing sentence; precedes free-floating attitudinals to be understood as modifying the sentence they are contained in
xei'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: dependent and coincident/matching with other
xe'o (exp!)
discursive: simply/merely/just, "all there is to it" - not simply, not just, "there's more to it"
xe'u (exp!)
Abstraction variable indicator selbrisle.
xi'e (exp!)
scalar subscript
binary mekso operator: for ordered list X1, this word outputs the same ordered list except the indices/subscripts have been relabelled/redefined/reindexed according to rule X2 (see notes).
xi'i (exp!)
extent of truth
xi'i'ei (exp!)
digit/number: Khinchin's constant K0 = 2.6854520010…
xi'o (exp!)
discourse pronoun: the previous situation
xi'oi'ei (exp!)
UI discursive: litotes - - anti-litotes
Loglan toggle: Toggles text to TLI Loglan; marks following text as TLI Loglan.
xo'ai (exp!)
conversion: move/promote 5th place to 1st position. Everything else stays in the same order.
xo'au (exp!)
pro-numeral: the most-recently mentioned full/complete numerical or mathematical string/expression.
xo'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified number.
xo'ei (exp!)
unary mekso operator: produces a string of n consecutive "xo'e"'s, treated as digits (concatenated into a single string of digits)
xo'e'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified/vague single-symbol (general)
xo'e'o'ei (exp!)
At-most-unary mekso operator: like {xo'ei} but for selma'o XOhEhOhE, rather than just PA
Extracts selbri from a tag, inverse of fi'o
xoi (exp!)
Right-scoping adverbial clause: encloses a bridi and turns it into an adverbial term; the antecedent (ke'a) of the enclosed bridi stands for the outer bridi {lo su'u no'a ku} (the bridi in which this xoi term appears), including all the other adverbial terms (tags...) within this bridi located on the right of this xoi term (rightward scope).
Toggles grammar so that every mention of a number n is interpreted as "at least n".
xoi'u (exp!)
non-logical connective (mekso set operator): regardless
xoi'u'oi (exp!)
interval endpoint status (exclusive/inclusive) marker: dependent and contrary/contraposed with other
xo'o (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: sarcastically - sincerely/honestly
xo'oi (exp!)
binds a relative clause to both the preceding sumti and the bridi containing that sumti
xo'u (exp!)
opposite of mo'u: interval event contour: at the natural beginning point of ...;
xu'a (exp!)
discursive: persuading - not arguing/negotiating - conceding
extent of truth
xu'e (exp!)
vocative: said/quoth..., used to identify the person speaking a single sentence (e.g. in dialogues)
xu'o (exp!)
attitudinal contour: stronger over time - unchanging intensity - weaker over time
xu'o'e (exp!)
elliptical bridi logical negator/affirmer/truth-evaluation
xu'u (exp!)
bridi to sumti: marks the beginning of a subordinate bridi; the whole construct is a sumti referring to the enclosed bridi
xu'u'i (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: a controlled, focused breathing technique (used for coping, as with pain, fear, etc.)
xy'au (exp!)
digit/number: sixteen (decimal 16).
xy'y (exp!)
naturalistic interjection: in thought/contemplation
y'i (exp!)
connective: elliptical/generic/vague
yyy (exp!)
Equivalent to ".{y}" but connotes a somewhat longer pause
za'ai (exp!)
time tense distance: an unspecified distance in time
za'au (exp!)
evidential: mark the sentence as being an observation sentence, i.e. a statement that is not based on the truth of another statement but is instead taken from direct observation.
za'ei (exp!)
mekso binary operator: right-handed vectorial cross product (ordered input), a×b
zai'a (exp!)
attitudinal modifier: observed emotion; preceding attitudinal is observed on listener
(elidable) terminator of mathematical/formal quote with mau'au
zai'e (exp!)
jargon word indicator; indicates next word is a jargon word
zai'o (exp!)
pro-sumti: the empty argument/value; syntactically-contextually and type-permitted maximally generic in its typing
zai'u (exp!)
Quote conversion: the sentence(s)/bridi (possibly plural) is/are syntactically correct and semantically intended by the utterer if the outermost layer of quotes (markers) which immediately follows were to be omitted/removed, but the quoted text is in fact a quote (of the indicated type) from some source.
za'oi (exp!)
yet; still; too long
zau'e (exp!)
vocative: go! / come on! / get on it! / let's!
text affirmation/negation mode toggle
zau'u (exp!)
digit/number: arbitrarily large/great/increased/many (finite but as big as desired/allowed).
ze'ai (exp!)
tense interval modifier: increasingly...; incrementative. Tagged sumti, if present, indicates amount of increase (lo te zenba)
unary mekso operator: reverse ordered list/tuple X1.
ze'ai'e (exp!)
selbri conversion: permute all terbri so as to be exactly backward.
ze'au (exp!)
subjective number which is increasing over time
ze'au'e (exp!)
last-th conversion: switches the last terbri with the first one.
ze'e'a (exp!)
n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x2 and all xa places.
ze'e'au (exp!)
n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges all xa places.
ze'e'e (exp!)
n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x5 and all xa places.
ze'e'i (exp!)
n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x1 and all xa places.
ze'ei (exp!)
nonce word with existing grammar
ze'e'o (exp!)
n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x4 and all xa places.
ze'e'u (exp!)
n-Merge Conversion: placed immediately before a selbri, merges x3 and all xa places.
zei'a (exp!)
tense interval modifier: increasingly...; incrementative. Tagged sumti, if present, indicates amount of increase (lo te zenba)
zei'au (exp!)
time tense interval: for some length of time.
zei'e (exp!)
marks a construct as used for its form only, not its meaning.
zei'ei (exp!)
begin quote that is converted into rafsi
zei'ei'au (exp!)
begin quote that is converted into rafsi, distributing lujvo-glue between quoted words
zei'i (exp!)
attitudinal contour: increasing over time - steady - decreasing over time.
zei'i'au (exp!)
unary mekso operator: (analytically continued) Riemann zeta function zeta(z), for complex-valued input z.
zei'o (exp!)
Delete all sumti slots of the immediately preceding word which are not explicitly filled excepting the first n (specified by subscript; contextless default: n=0).
zei'oi (exp!)
end rafsi-converting quote: terminates ZEIhEI quote
ze'oi (exp!)
converts following word to selbri-unit: "x1 is related to the meaning of this word in aspect x2"
zi'a (exp!)
nonce-word indicator; indicates previous word is nonce-creation and may be nonstandard
zi'ai (exp!)
jargon word indicator; indicates previous word is a jargon word
zi'a'o (exp!)
mathematical operator: the empty/null [one sense]/trivial [one sense]/blank operator
zi'au (exp!)
nonexistent/undefining it; the selbri is not applicable when the other terbri are filled in the manner in which they are in this utterance/bridi.
zi'e'a (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical natural note with that name.
converts a following number into a sumti representing the MIDI note with that number.
zi'e'e (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical sharp note with that name.
zi'e'i (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical double sharp note with that name.
zi'ei (exp!)
marks a construct as used for its form only, not its meaning.
zi'e'o (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical flat note with that name.
zi'e'u (exp!)
converts a following bu-letteral into a sumti representing the musical double flat note with that name.
zi'oi (exp!)
fills and deletes (in the manner as "{zi'o}") all terbri sumti slots of immediately previous (id est: tagged) word that are not explicitly filled with a sumti.
zi'oi'oi (exp!)
Delete subsequent sumti slots.
zi'u (exp!)
the referent of itself; guards the scope of the sumti
zo'ai (exp!)
quotes a selbri.
start logical, topical, or termset postnex
zo'ei (exp!)
Something associated with; equivalent to “zo'e pe” or "lo co'e be".
end attitudinal quotation
non-mekso quote/name substitution for ordered collection of prescriptions, descriptions, definitions, etc.
zoi'ai'e (exp!)
empty string/text/word
zoi'i (exp!)
pro-sumti: current topic (most recent unquantified sumti occurring in a prenex).
quote indicators only
zoi'o'e (exp!)
elliptical/unspecified/vague string/text/word
zoi'u (exp!)
tags a topic or prenex; scopes over the entire bridi (unless there is already a {zo'u} clause).
zo'oi (exp!)
quote next non-Lojban word only; quotes a single non-Lojban word delimited by pauses (in speech) or whitespace (in writing)
zu'ai (exp!)
shows mutual activity between this place and the first place of the current bridi; members participating in the activity are put into the first place (that e.g. can be formed by connecting sumti with {ce} or {jo'u})
zu'au (exp!)
location tense relation/direction (angular); counterclockwise from..., locally leftwards/to the left of ...
zu'ei (exp!)
Adverbial, metacommentary-introducing, and complex discursive: I express this utterance/construct/(rest of the) bridi which has been tagged for the purpose or goal of enacting, causing, enabling, implementing, actualizing, manifesting, enhancing, yielding, or rendering applicable the immediately following and enclosed bridi or in order to make the immediately following and enclosed bridi be true (or closer to the truth or more true or more strongly true) in application to the utterance/construct/rest of the bridi which has been tagged by this marker; the tagged expression/construct is for the benefit or sake of making the immediately following and enclosed bridi true.
zu'i'a (exp!)
typically what?
zu'oi (exp!)
mekso; binary operator: z-score for the X1 quantile; X2 (default: 1) acts as the descriptor toggle (see notes).
zy'ei (exp!)
digit/number: seventeen (decimal 17).
zy'oi (exp!)
exophoric article: some certain thing(s) which… (identity ascertainable from the context).