zenono PA* cmavo-compound

number/quantity: 700 [seven hundred].

On grammatical class:

biki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 8,000 expressed with comma.
bino (comp!)
number/quantity: 80 [eighty].
binono (comp!)
number/quantity: 800 [eight hundred].
binonovo (comp!)
number/quantity: 8004, without comma.
ci'ima'u (comp!)
number: uncountably infinite of some sort or infinite in the sense of satisfying the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis.
ci'ino (comp!)
Digit string: aleph-nought, aleph-0, the cardinality of the natural (alternatively: integer) numbers
ciki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 3,000 expressed with comma.
cino (comp!)
number/quantity: 30 [thirty].
cinogeipa (comp!)
number: 1×1030, quetta, nonillion; symbol: Q
cinono (comp!)
number/quantity: 300 [three hundred].
fi'ure (comp!)
ji'ima'u (comp!)
rounded up (appended after string of digits indicating a rounded value).
ji'ini'u (comp!)
rounded down (appended after string of digits indicating a rounded value).
muki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 5,000 expressed with comma.
muno (comp!)
number/quantity: 50 [fifty].
munono (comp!)
number/quantity: 500 [five hundred].
noka'ono (comp!)
Complex zero; 0 = (0,0) = 0 + 0i.
pabi (comp!)
number/quantity: 18 [eighteen].
paci (comp!)
number/quantity: 13 [thirteen].
paki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 1,000 expressed with comma.
pamu (comp!)
number/quantity: 15 [fifteen].
pano (comp!)
number/quantity: 10 [ten].
panoki'oki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 10,000,000 [ten millions](Western numbering system/1,00,00,000 [100 lakhs](Indian numbering system).
panono (comp!)
number/quantity: 100 [one hundred].
panonoki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 100,000 [hundred thousand](Western numbering system)/[one lakh](Indian numbering system)..
papa (comp!)
number/quantity: 11 [eleven].
pare (comp!)
number/quantity: 12 [twelve].
paso (comp!)
number/quantity: 19 [nineteen].
pavo (comp!)
number/quantity: 14 [fourteen].
paxa (comp!)
number/quantity: 16 [sixteen].
paze (comp!)
number/quantity: 17 [seventeen].
pidu'e (comp!)
number: too much of.
piji'i (comp!)
number: approximately all of.
pimo'a (comp!)
number: too little of.
pimu (comp!)
pino (comp!)
Number/digit: exactly none of (empty set as a subset of another set); in probability theory, "guaranteed impossible".
piro (comp!)
number: all of.
piso'a (comp!)
number: almost all of.
piso'e (comp!)
number: most of.
piso'i (comp!)
number: much of.
pisoi'ai (comp!)
almost all of/almost 1/almost surely/almost certainly (technical sense), but not "exactly all of" or "guaranteed" (sense: anti-impossible).
pisoi'au (comp!)
almost none of/almost 0/almost never/almost certainly not/nearly nothing of (technical sense) but technically being non-empty or possible in theory (not impossible).
piso'o (comp!)
number: some of.
piso'u (comp!)
number: a little of.
pisu'esoi'au (comp!)
digit/number: at most almost-none of (0%, taken as a fraction of a whole); the referent set is null and may even be empty.
pisu'o (comp!)
number: at least some of.
pisu'osoi'ai (comp!)
digit/number: at least almost-all of; at least almost-certain; 100%.
pizau'u (comp!)
arbitrarily much of, arbitrarily close to 1, an arbitrarily large proper fraction/percentage of
reki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 2,000 expressed with comma.
reno (comp!)
number/quantity: 20 [twenty].
renono (comp!)
number/quantity: 200 [two hundred].
soki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 9,000 expressed with comma.
sono (comp!)
number/quantity: 90 [ninety].
sonono (comp!)
number/quantity: 900 [nine hundred].
sosoce'i (comp!)
number/quantity: 99% (number).
sozepimu (comp!)
number/quantity: 97.5.
su'esoi'au (comp!)
digit/number: at most almost-none/at most almost-no/at most almost-nowhere; the referent set is null and may even be empty.
su'osoi'ai (comp!)
digit/number: at least almost-all/at least almost-every/at least almost-everywhere; the complementary set is null and may even be empty.
voki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 4,000 expressed with comma.
vono (comp!)
number/quantity: 40 [forty].
vonono (comp!)
number/quantity: 400 [four hundred].
xaki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 6,000 expressed with comma.
xano (comp!)
number/quantity: 60 [sixty].
xanono (comp!)
number/quantity: 600 [six hundred].
xavoki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 64,000 expressed with comma.
zeki'o (comp!)
number/quantity: 7,000 expressed with comma.
zeno (comp!)
number/quantity: 70 [seventy].
zenono (comp!)
number/quantity: 700 [seven hundred].