zi'ai UI3a experimental cmavo

jargon word indicator; indicates previous word is a jargon word

Jargon words are to have a single, defined, specialized meaning within one particular narrow context (e.g. a game, field of study, or industry), but may also be assigned to other meanings in other contexts. Proposed rafsi: -zam- (technically rafsi for zai'e; this rafsi is always placed *before* the modified morpheme(s)) Forethought variant: zai'e

On grammatical class:

discursive: newly introduced information - previously introduced information.
discursive: metalinguistic affirmer.
discursive: marks word serving as focus of indirect question: "I know WHO went to the store".
discursive: omitted text (quoted material).
discursive: metalinguistic negator.
discursive: optional question premarker.
discursive: material inserted by editor/narrator (bracketed text).
discursive: expanding the tanru - making a tanru.
bi'a (exp!)
emphasis indicator; indicates the previous word is especially emphasized
ge'ei (exp!)
metasyntactic variable marker
li'oi (exp!)
marks word/construct as being optional, i.e. the bridi would still be both grammatical AND reflect the speakers opinion/intention would the marked construct be left out
ra'ei (exp!)
semi-discursive: and so forth, and so on, et cetera, continuing similarly
uei (exp!)
discursive: optional answer premarker
uoi (exp!)
discursive: marks question construct as allowing filling it with answers that are non-referential constructs only
va'oi (exp!)
discursive: forces jvajvo reading of the preceding brivla; +nai: forces naljvajvo reading of the preceding brivla.
zi'a (exp!)
nonce-word indicator; indicates previous word is nonce-creation and may be nonstandard
zi'ai (exp!)
jargon word indicator; indicates previous word is a jargon word