brivlacme lujvo

c1 (quoted word(s)) is a name of c2 used by c3 that morphologically [strict] is brivla bv1 in language x5

The name must strictly be a (sequence of) brivla (according to rules for language x5); as such, in Lojban, the word(s) c1 must end with vowels and in fact must exactly follow the morphology of brivla. See also: brivlasmicme (a specialization); jvocme (a different specialization that is analogous but restricted to Lojbanic lujvo). Language is specified to be x5 rather than bv_n because the definition for brivla has not yet gained consensus and this particular terbri is dependent thereupon.

In notes:

x1=c1=s1 (quoted word(s)) is a name of x2=c2 used by x3=c3 that morphologically [loose] evokes/is similar to/is a brivla x4=v1=s2 (text; may be multiple words), similar in property/quality[/amount?] x5=s3 (ka/ni), in language x6
x1 is a brivla-based name for x2 used by namer x3