cmaplini lujvo

p1 is an asteroid/meteoroid/bolide (before impact or atmospheric entry)/comet/planetoid/minor planet/dwarf planet/small celestial object (which nonetheless is bigger than dust or grains of sand/particulate) revolving around p2 with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4.

Location or orbital/trajectory characteristic does not matter so long as the object is distinct and enduring; this is an intrinsic property; thus, a bolide during or even after impact or entry may still be considered a cmaplini. Cf.: solri, terdi, lunra, mluni, bisycmaplini, rokcmaplini, plinycma, jdikyplini.

In notes:

b1=c1=p1 is a comet revolving around p2 with planetary characteristics p3, orbital parameters p4, with ice composition b2.
x1 is an asteroid belt, generalized Kuiper belt, or other such belt in stellar/star or planet-centered/planetary ring system x2, extending over and throughout region x3, including/containing objects or points of interest x4, with other properties/orbital parameters x5.
j1 is a dwarf planet revolving around j2 with characteristics j3, orbital parameters j4.
c1=p1 is an asteroid/planetoid revolving around p2 with characteristics p3 and orbital parameters p4.
m1=s1 orbits s2 in direction s3 using orbit m4.
x1 is a celestial body, heavenly body
x1 is a planet