cmaplinykemjinrcaibyca'u lujvo

x1 is an asteroid belt, generalized Kuiper belt, or other such belt in stellar/star or planet-centered/planetary ring system x2, extending over and throughout region x3, including/containing objects or points of interest x4, with other properties/orbital parameters x5.

This word is a brapagjvo involving "jinrcaibyca'u". Technically, this word should only be used when the region may be described as an example of a jinrcaibyca'u; thus, this word does not apply to and cannot be used in order to describe 'clouds' of celestial objects (such as the Oort Cloud) or more complicated regions of space which may exist in star systems with multiple major massive objects (such as binary star systems). It can, however, be used for planetary rings. See also: "belta", "cmaplini".