cmarafsi lujvo

x1 ("ra'oi"-quote) is a short (reduced) rafsi/combining form of word/concept x2 in language x3.

In Lojban, these are the three-letter rafsi for gismu and some cmavo (where .y'y is not counted as a letter for these purposes). Compare to "2 in language x3.">brarafsi".

In notes:

x1 ("ra'oi"-quote) is a long (unreduced) rafsi/combining form of word/concept x2 in language x3.
x1 is a gesture/facial expression/body part motion/body language/expressive (nonverbal or nonvocal) feature/microexpression/stature/posture/sign/body signal [nonverbal expression made using only one's body parts and items on one's immediate person as extensions of the body in order to communicate; possibly nonlinguistic/extralinguistic] that conveys/expresses thought/emotion/command/idea x2 (nu/si'o; possibly text and other types) made using body part/utensil/object/at locus x3 in/by motion/action/means x4
x1 is a/the nipple/papilla [body-part] of x2.
x1 is a zi'evla-form word meaning x2 (in Lojban); x1 is morphologically a zi'evla