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x1 (li) is the (signed) difference between the average of all elements/data of x2 (completely specified ordered multiset/list) and single number x3 (li; default: infimum of x2 under ordering x6 if such is finite), using averaging function x4 (default: arithmetic average), weights x5 (completely specified ordered multiset/list with the same cardinality/length as x2; default: according to notes), and inherited ordering x6 (default: standard ordering on the set of reals).

Default for x5 is the same as the default for the weights of the given averaging function x4, which for the arithmetic mean of a finite set is the ordered set of |x2| terms with each term equal identically to 1/|x2|, where "| |" represents the cardinality of its input (circumfixed). x6 is defined on a superset of x2 united with the singleton of x3. The default for x6 is mrenspoi. For example: If x2 = (1, 7) and all of the defaults hold, then x1 = avg(1,7) - min(1,7) = 4 - 1 = 3; when all defaults hold and x2 is a bounded set, x1 is the difference between the arithmetic average of (or average of the uniform distribution on) x2 and the infimum of x2. See also: "sigma".