mrenspoi fu'ivla

x1 is the traditional/standard/classical strict total-order(ing) '<' which endows the (extended) real numbers.

This is the order by which -\infty (infty) < r < +\infty (infty) for all r in the reals, \dots < -2 < -1 < 0 < +1 < +2 < \dots, 0 < r1/q < r for all r1, r in the naturals such that r1 < r, etc. Occasionally isomorphically intersects cleispoi and moinspoi. See also: enspoi.

In notes:

x1 (li) is the (signed) difference between the average of all elements/data of x2 (completely specified ordered multiset/list) and single number x3 (li; default: infimum of x2 under ordering x6 if such is finite), using averaging function x4 (default: arithmetic average), weights x5 (completely specified ordered multiset/list with the same cardinality/length as x2; default: according to notes), and inherited ordering x6 (default: standard ordering on the set of reals).
x1 is the total-order(ing) '<' on the cardinals.
x1 is the order(ing) which endows x2 ((partially) ordered nonempty set or class).
x1 is the canonical total-order(ing) '<' on/of the ordinals.