dau PA2 cmavo

digit/number: hex digit A (decimal 10) [ten].

Experimental rafsi: -duv-

On affix form:

x1 argues for stand x2 against stand x3; [an opponent is not necessary].

In notes:

x1 is October/tenth month of year x2 in calendar x3.
x1 (amount of time) is the age of x2.
ju'ai (exp!)
Default number radix modifier: changes the value of the default radix assumed for any numeral lacking an explicit radix within the following text, until another {ju'ai} appears.
ju'au (exp!)
semi-mathematical binary operator: named number base operator/interpreter
ku'i'a (exp!)
PA: blank/empty digit
x1 (event/state) is in the tenth month/October of a year x2 in system x3.
x1 has the color of HTML / RGB hex code x2
x1 is \sqrt(A) [decimal: 1×10+(1/2)] of x2 in dimension/aspect x3 (default is units).