du'ei VUhU experimental cmavo

mekso binary operator: left-handed vectorial cross product (ordered input), -a \times b = b \times a (if using right-hand convention - notice the negative sign/operator or order).

This (which could be denoted "-×") is the opposite of the traditional-in-English vectorial cross-product (which is usually denoted "×"). Generally noncommutative; left-handed in three dimensions. See also: za'ei.

In notes:

x1 is clockwise/right-turn-direction of[/to] x2 along/following track x3 [path] in frame of reference x4 (where the axis is within the region defined by the track as the boundary, as viewed from and defined by view(er) x4; see notes); x1 is locally to the right of x2, according to x4, constrained along x3; x1 is along a right turn from x2 along path x3, as viewed in frame x4.
za'ei (exp!)
mekso binary operator: right-handed vectorial cross product (ordered input), a×b