fa'ai VUhU experimental cmavo

mathematical ordered n-ary operator: (pointwise) functional left composition; X1 \circ X.

Inputs must be appropriate functions; this outputs a function; follow by "ku'e (boi)" in order to include/apply the output function to arguments (thereby producing a number). a1 \circ a= a1(a for any positive integer or countable infinity n and functions ai for all integer i < n+1. Replaces all of the inputs with a (possibly stripped, as appropriate) tuple; for replacing a single argument in a multivariate function with a function (either evaluated or not), use (partial) (e)valuation. Left compose multiple terms by separating the function names with "boi".

In notes:

x1 is an n-ary operator/map which is distributive/linear/homomorphic in or over or from space/structure x2, mapping to space or structure x3, thereby producing a new space/structure x4 which is the 'union' of x2 and x3 endowed with x1; x1 distributes over/through all of the operators of x2.
fau'e (exp!)
iterated function left-composition with self: f∘f∘...∘f, n times.
ja'oi (exp!)
permutation cycle writer notation start