ginydze lujvo

x1 is a genetic/biological ancestor (or familial peer thereof) of x2 by relationship/to degree x3 through/along graph-geodesic within their shared biological family.

There is a genetic/biological path of parent-child connections which connects x2 to a familial peer of x1 such that this said peer and x1 are approximately of the same generation (such as siblings or cousins); x1 must belong to the same genetic family as x2 and the said peer. Very similar to "rirny'utka", except genetic/biological connection is implied every step along the way, and x1 may actually be a familial peer of the same generation as the actual direct ancestor, rather than necessarily being that direct ancestor themself. Notice that any familial peer of x2 is a potential substitute themself for x2 in this definition, so a symmetry wrt the breadth of specification due to allowance of peers is indeed implied, but need be explicitly allowed by the definition in only one case. This word is broader than and includes ginlazdze; it allows for the possibility of horizontal gene transfer, artificial genetic manipulation, clonal relations, very large organisms (such as certain fungi and aspens) which appear to be multiple organisms, asexual reproduction, and possibly even tissue transplants (not all of which "ginlazdze" will include).

In notes:

x1 is a genetic-familial/'blood' ancestor of x2 by bond/tie/relation/of degree x3.