goilka'i fu'ivla

x1 (text / virtual-text-object) is a variable representing x2

goi is a special case that makes, e.g. zo ko'a, a goilka'i of something. However the main use of this brivla is to allow ko'a itself, or something like la .strin., to be a virtual "text" standing in for some object, while la'e is used to extract the referent from it. This allows propositions to be truth-conditional on what a variable represents at that point of time, rather than conditional on the referent itself. See sumka'i, goilgau, goilbi'o, krati.

In definition:

x1 (goilka'i variable) changes value to now represent x2

In notes:

x1 is the null value/argument
x1 is an unknown value/argument, unknown to x2
x1 happens, then if x2 is true, x1 repeatedly happens as long as x2 is true
if x1 is true, x2 happens, then repeats as long as x1 is true
x1 makes variable x2 (text / virtual-text-object) represent x3 ; x1 assigns x3 to x2