ko KOhA3 cmavo

pro-sumti: you (imperative); make it true for you, the listener.

In notes:

x1 'copies'/acknowledges/confirms of receipt and understanding of message/transmission/communication x2 from sender/station x3.
do'au (exp!)
pro-sumti whose referent's identity may be chosen by the listener
ko'oi (exp!)
discursive: imperative/hortative
lu'ei (exp!)
convert a grammatical quotation to a tanru unit; x1 expresses/says the quoted text for audience x2 via expressive medium x3.
no'au (exp!)
Introduces a bridi relative clause, with the scope of {xoi} and the semantics of {noi}
pau'ai (exp!)
rhetorical construct marker - genuine/serious/literal assertion/question/command marker
Define x1 to be a named dummy symbol (having a name heretofore unassigned) such that, if it were to exist, it would satisfy condition/have property x2 (condition/ka); let x1 be such that it satisfies/is described by x2.
x1 has an intention to influence the behavior of x2, to command, control x2
x0: You decide. (nullary predicate)
x1 orders/commands/exhorts/pleads/hopes/suggests to x2 to be/do x3 (property)