instale fu'ivla

x1 (entity) connects, sets up x2 (entity) onto x3 (entity)

See also punji, setca, pilno

On gloss:

ci'erse'a in sense "agent" on place 1
s1 installs s2 into system s3=c1.
ci'erse'atci in sense "tool" on place 1
t1 is an installer for installing s2 into system s3=c1.

In definition:

t2 is a/the private computer network that includes nodes/computers t1=s1 whose function/purpose is s2, installed across organization k1.
x1 is a manhole to access the underground installation x2 for x3
t1=z1 is a spyware installed on computer(s) including s1 which spies on z2 (victim(s)) under conditions z4.
se1 installs add-on se2 into computer program se3=t1 which adds functionality t2=sk2 to the program on computer(s) including sk1.