jau'o experimental cmavo

Break in speech in order to demonstrate something in a nongrammatical or nonlinguistic way.

Terminates via ".i". Can be followed by a list of words (connected perhaps via "ce"), or a picture, or a physical mimicking/charade of actions or a pointing of a finger. Useful for asking about how to say a certain thing (which can be indicated or acted out) or for memes; in writing, it would often be expressed via a colon (":") in English. It would be used for, at the very least, the final colon in the caption to this image: https://photos.app.goo.gl/M6y4fhCy32sgi5No8 , but possibly for the others as well. Neither expression on either side of this word (from the immediately previous ".i" or the beginning of the text, whichever is closer, to the immediately following ".i" or the end of the text, whichever is closer) need be grammatical; the information which is conveyed subsequent to this word may not even be linguistic.