jvocmeborvla lujvo

x1 is a word which is a {cmevla} (morphological name-word), referring to x2 and used by x3, and which is also of the form of a lujvo (excepting the last rafsi) formed from veljvo x4, in language x5

See also: jvocme (closely related but sort of opposite), cmevla (a different generalization), jvosmicme (a different generalization), and jvocmevla (which is essentially the same except slightly narrower in assumptions and terbri).

In notes:

c1=s1 (quoted word(s)) is a name of c2 used by c3 that morphologically [loose] evokes/is similar to/is Lojbanic lujvo l1=s2 (text; may be multiple words), similar in property/quality[/amount?] s3 (ka/ni)
The Southeastern-Asia Sea (South China Sea).