jvocmevla lujvo

x1 is a cmevla meaning x2 in Lojban, which looks like a lujvo but ends with a non-terminal rafsi

Examples include lojban, mergug, camgusmis. Officially, of course, these are just cmevla but the rafsi are often suggestive of the meaning. See also cmevla, lujvo.

In notes:

x1 is a word which is a {cmevla} (morphological name-word), referring to x2 and used by x3, and which is also of the form of a lujvo (excepting the last rafsi) formed from veljvo x4, in language x5
x1 is a lujvo-like cmevla meaning x2
c1=s1 (quoted word(s)) is a name of c2 used by c3 that morphologically [loose] evokes/is similar to/is Lojbanic lujvo l1=s2 (text; may be multiple words), similar in property/quality[/amount?] s3 (ka/ni)